Kei Okazaki


Plot Summary: After assissting at a new X-Day crime scene, Ichika heads over to Yanagi’s detective agency only to spot Kei sleeping in the alley nearby. Soon it becomes clear that Kei know that Ichika is really a police officer instead of a simple client of Yanagi’s agency. Ichika decides to investigate the July incident, which is supposedly closed, and Yanagi warns her to keep her guard up against Kei. However, Kei doesn’t have any intention of allowing Ichika to keep her distance.

What I think of him: Kei is, in a word, a handful. He’s cheerful, lively, and a way of getting the momentum on his side in order to drag everyone into his pace. Yanagi’s team considers him a pest, and Kei is fully aware of it and uses it to his advantage. Although Kei acts like an airhead, he’s actually very perceptive. Kei’s has great physicality, to the point that he frequently enters Yanagi’s office (which is on the 5th floor) through a window. Kei’s hobby is sleeping and purchasing sleep products such as eye-masks, pillows, and incense. His strongest trait is his instinct to protect.

Nickname: None

Charm point: His smile makes me (the player in real life) feel so happy and comforted

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Let him sleep with his head in your lap. Only the finest pillow for a true pillow connoisseur.

Would have eloped with: 

  • Yanagi, because he’s so comforting and also showing her parenting skills on the other guys
  • Shiraishi, because he’s your love councilor

Most enjoyed: There is something just so reassuring about being with Kei, at least after a certain point. At first being with Kei is in the running to be the most stressful because he isn’t part of Yanagi’s team. Kei doesn’t know about the collar, and – since he part of the police – Ichika expects to die if he learns about it. The threat of dying due to the collar being exposed is very real, the first possible bad ending teaches players that. And when the collar is revealed to Kei, the danger is there but it is overshadowed from danger from an unexpected direction. All in all, Kei’s route is a great mix of tension and comfort.

 Least liked: This has to do with play order, but I felt that the subplot regarding to Ichika and her brother was underdeveloped. If you’ve gone through Takeru and Mineo’s route, you’ll be fine because those routes feature Ichika and Kazuki’s conflict prominently, and when you roll around to Kei you’ll be alright with this subplot being abbreviated. On the other hand if you went through Kakeru’s route prior to Kei’s you’ll have seen how Kei and Kazuki interact in that route, and there is unfortunately none of that in this route. It’s not all that big of a deal since there is plenty of other things to do in the route than rehash the Kazuki subplot for the third time, it’s just that I started with Kei’s route and definitely felt that this part was resolved more abruptly than I would have liked.

Worth the price of admission?: There was a moment during Kei’s route where he makes this one particularly dark expression, and I started screaming (I was at my friend’s house) “No! Don’t ruin this for me!”; I thought Kei was showing himself as a yandere (and I actually tend to enjoy yandere routes). I was happy to have been wrong. Instead, Kei gets to belong to a different polarizing trope; Kei has a death wish. Personally, I think the issue is handled well, and I particularly like that it takes Ichika a while to snap Kei back considering how much longer he has had this desire compared to the length of their acquaintance. Still, the situation could potentially be triggering or just shut people off Kei’s route. I loved him though.

Recommended routes: