Takeru Sasazuka


Plot Summary: When Ichika decides to investigate the August case because of her strong desire to reinstate the weapon ban. However, this means that she must work with Sasazuka who makes it clear that he doesn’t see Ichika as anything more than bait. Ichika’s insistence wears Takeru down to the point that he agrees to accept Ichika if she takes on a challenge to prove her worth.

What I think of him: Takeru has a way with cutting words and is an abrasive guy to be around. He’s used to being one of the smartest guys in the room and doesn’t deal well with people who don’t meet his standard for intelligence (not that you would notice much difference in his attitude if you did). He’s a tsundere, but heavy on the tsun. Takeru acts pretty cold, but he’s actually actually pretty easy to rile up if you know the right buttons to push. Takeru has a huge sweet tooth, especially in regards to donuts, but he doesn’t like the flavors of traditional Japanese sweets. He spends a lot of time treating Ichika as a pet.

Nickname: Seaweed head

Charm point: His determination to feed Ichika sweets.

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Take him down

Would have eloped with: 

  • Okazaki, because he’s a bundle of kindness and smiles

Most enjoyed: Takeru is a great character and this route was perfectly tailored for him to run rampant through it. I like that his goal and Ichika’s goal are ultimately the same and that while he might slow down for her, Takeru expects Ichika to keep up with him. Takeru knows that his personality is abrasive and he uses that to push others to go the way he wants them and he usually gets his way, and it is a pleasure to see him go at enemy and ally alike. (Takeru tormenting Kazuki is my favorite thing.)

Least liked: There are times that Ichika feels like a bystander to proceedings because she doesn’t have advanced computer skills. It would have been ridiculous if Ichika had somehow obtained those abilities over the the month during which the game takes place, but it’s unfortunate that Ichika has to sit back and watch most of the “final battle”.

Worth the price of admission?: Takeru might be too harsh for some people’s tastes and he doesn’t really soften all that much towards Ichika even, but I though he was a great character and I enjoyed his route, although maybe slightly more as a detective story than a romance. Plus I don’t really see anything wrong with expecting people to keep up with your pace, especially considering how X-Day is quickly approaching.

I really like Kakeru’s route as the entry into the game because there is a reveal that will likely be spoiled if you play Kei or Mineo’s routes first. Since that information relates to this plot, I just like it here. Additionally it feels like Ichika would most naturally end up on this route since reinstating the weapons ban is a crucial step to returning Shinjuku to normal and lifting the quarantine.

Recommended routes: 


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