Plot Summary: The MC wakes up in her room and searches her apartment at Orion’s behest. She find out basic information like her name and the date. On her cellphone she discovers a plenitude of contacts but only five messages, which read either “good morning” or “good night”, and they are all from one person, Kent. Then she receives a new message from Kent requesting that they meet. When they meet, the MC discovers that Kent is her boyfriend and that they are apparently in the middle of a fight.

What I think of him: Kent is logical to the extreme, and curt and unsociable to match. Kent is sharp tongued with little filter and a lot of stubbornness. Because he acts like a computer the only person Kent is close to is Ikki, and Ikki proceeds to give Kent crazy love advice which Kent doesn’t follow sometime because it is too forward.

Nickname: None

Charm point: He’s trying so hard to reconcile his need for logic and the love being illogical

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hold hands, with Kent blushing the whole time

Would have eloped with: No one

Most enjoyed: How Kent and the MC’s relationship develops and how Kent grows as a character because of it. Since Kent and the MC’s relationship is young and because Kent keeps mentioning how the MC actually hates him, the MC spends a lot less time trying to figure out their relationship and a lot more time actually getting to know Kent. This works out well since Kent is quirky and delightful and the MC getting amnesia actually help him when it comes to getting closer to the MC and understanding his feelings.

Least liked: So this is a minor thing, and I sort of understand it, but what Kent did wasn’t really as big a deal as Kent made it seem. Maybe I’m just a detached person in general, but when the reveal happened I was like… that’s it? Of course with the MC saying what she did I can see how the social inept Kent came to the conclusions that he did, but as a reader I was slightly underwhelmed.

Worth the price of admission?: A good character and a solid story make Kent’s route the best of the game (narrowly beating out Ukyo because of the latter’s abundance of grammatical errors). There’s just something really heartwarming about watching this awkward beanstalk of a man (Kent’s height is mentioned several times) learn how to bend and accommodate someone else in his life. I think the tweet I posted while playing this route sums it up best:

Recommended routes: 


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