Plot Summary: The MC wakes up alone in her room. A quick search provides some basic information, like confirming her name, the date, and the fact that she lives alone. Then she receives a phone call from a contact named “Ikkyu” who asks her out on a date. But when Ikki is late in picking her up, she leaves the apartment to look for him and finds him flirting with a crowd of girl that have surrounded him.

What I think of him: He’s handsome and a ladies man if only because he he hates to disappoint girls. He’s very vocal about how he thinks women should be treated. Even though he’s an ordinary guy, he has a rabid fanclub, and he has never managed to hold on to a girlfriend for longer than three months. Even though Ikki is generally a nice guy, perverted things occasionally slip out of his mouth. He has seductive eyes and never fails to draw a crowd if he isn’t wearing sunglasses.

Nickname: Ikkyu

Charm point: He likes a girl who will talk back

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, because that’s when he’ll know that you have feelings for him

Would have eloped with: No one

Most enjoyed: I like the reason for the MC and Ikki’s relationship (pre amnesia). Both of them want someone and it is a little more complex than them just liking each other. I especially like that the MC took the initiative to start things off and wasn’t letting Ikki walk all over her to the point that he was panicked over her change in attitude caused by her amnesia (a cool and collected guy like Ikki needs to experience some panic).

Least liked: I spent a lot of the route wondering why the MC started dating Ikki and why she was continuing to go out with him. Even though I found the answer to the former to be pleasing, I spent a good part of the route wishing the MC would dump him. This was compounded by the MC thinking in the beginning that she wouldn’t go out with a guy like Ikki (before she meets him) and that if Ikki was like that playboy outside (who was Ikki) she would dump him. Unfortunately, even though she says that she never follows up, and to me that makes bring up the possibility that she would entirely pointless.

Worth the price of admission?: This route was frustrating for the most part. Orion says several times throughout the game that he doesn’t want to leave the MC until he’s sure she has someone she can trust to help her. Ikki doesn’t prove to be trustworthy until near the end. This is due in large part to the fact that the kindness and consideration he shows to the MC in private is completely different to the indifference he shows her when there are other girls around, and there are almost always other girls around which makes his private side completely pointless in the broad sense. As I said, the end wraps things up nicely and I came to terms with everything and even began liking Ikki, but that doesn’t heal all my pain from the earlier part of the route.

Recommended routes: 


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