Plot Summary: The MC wakes up in a hospital covered in bandages. Before she can do anything but confirm her name, a young man comes into her room and kisses her. Shin, the MC’s maybe boyfriend, gets the MC discharged and takes her home, but it isn’t long before he discovers that she has amnesia. Shin then says that both the MC’s amnesia and her injuries are his fault.

What I think of him: Shin is curt and blunt, usually speaking his mind no matter how unflattering it might reflect on him. He might look like a delinquent, but Shin is actually very strict about manners and formalities. He is very spartan and doesn’t let anyone get away with spoiling the MC; he’s a big believer in taking action yourself if you want something to be done. He lies a lot, seeing lies as a preferable option to telling the truth many times, but at the same time he refuses to allow anyone to look away from reality. He’s younger than the MC by half a year, and is in the last year of high school.

Nickname: None

Charm point: A master of tough love

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, kabe-don style, because he wants you to see him as a man

Would have eloped with: 

  • Toma, because he’s just so nice while Shin is being so brusque

Most enjoyed: Shin is a character of interesting extremes: he looks like a delinquent, but he has great manners; he’s a habitual liar, but he’ll doggedly force others to see the truth; he adores the MC, but he wants her to stand on her own two feet and do things. He’s got adorable puppy-dog eyes and sometimes just gazes up at you, but he’s also a guy who really, really wants to make a move on the MC. It’s always interesting to see what he’ll do next, and he’s so attuned to the MC that catches on to her amnesia very quickly.

Least liked: Shin’s route is unique in that Shin figures out that the MC has amnesia and helps her conceal it. Unfortunately, this opened the route up to it’s weak point, which is that until late in the route it feels like Shin is the main character who is out doing things instead of the MC, who get to be confused about what Shin is up to until he stops putting off telling her what is going on. To put it another way: this route is sort of like a whodunit with Shin as Sherlock and the MC is like a bystander who only gets to be around at the denouement so she can play bait and also to ooh and aww over Shin’s brilliance. Towards the end the MC gets to participate in Shin’s scheme a little more, and the route becomes more interesting.

Worth the price of admission?: Shin’s route was interesting and enjoyable enough if you don’t mind the MC being a bystander for half of the route. I found Shin to be pretty adorable (like a puppy). He feels simultaneously older than his age and a lot younger than the MC with how hard he chases her and tries to prove his manliness.


Recommended routes:  


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