Amnesia: Memories


Company: Otomate, Aksys

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Synopsis: The MC wakes in the rift between worlds, face-to-face with a strange spirit names Orion. Orion claims that he accidentally crashed into her, and by inhabiting her brain he has knocked all her memories and most of her personality out. In order to push Orion out, she must regain her memories. Unfortunately, Orion doesn’t know which of the parallel worlds he pulled the MC from so he gives her a choice of which world to return to (since she exists in all of them), but not before he warns the MC that she shouldn’t tell anyone about her amnesia less she be tricked by false memories or left to waste away in a hospital.

MC: There isn’t much to say about her, since her personality is different in each route/parallel world. After loosing her memory she feels very quite and empty; Toma describes her as like a doll. She doesn’t seem to speak much, though it might be that her dialogue and Orion’s dialogue might be too redundant. At one point during Toma’s route he and Shin mention that she hasn’t said anything all day on two occasions, so to me it seems that she begins speaking more as she regains more memories and her personality. The common facts across the routes are that she is a first year psychology major, she lives alone, and she works as a waitress at Meido no Hitsuji. The MC of Amnesia Memories notable for being the only Otomate heroines who doesn’t have a default name.


  • Ikki: The love interest in the spade world. A popular and good-looking university student, who usually wears sunglasses. He’s a flirt and is always surrounded by his fans. He’s friends with Kent.
  • Kent: The love interest in the clover world. A high logical graduate student. He has a passion for reason and math, and seems like a robot most of the time. His only friend is Ikki.
  • Shin: The love interest in the heart world. A blunt and strict third-year high school student. He looks like a punk but it very particular about everything. Always has some sort of brotherly relationship to Toma.
  • Toma: The love interest in the diamond world. A college student who seems gentle and caring, but is actually very difficult to handle. An older brother-type figure.
  • Ukyo: The love interest unlocked after completing the other four routes. A mysterious man who is at time soft spoken and at others threatening.

Impressions: I remember reading somewhere that Amnesia: Memories was the only game where you’d be okay with the protagonist having amnesia, and I agree. This is probably due to the fact that the MC’s amnesia is essential to the story as opposed to a reason to info dump.

The five routes take place over a month’s time, with varying amounts of choices to make each day. The routes are long, and are all fairly equal in equality, none of them sticking out as particularly bad.

The game would have been fine without the final route – with the removal of some foreshadowing details – since each route have nothing to do with the others except that the characters are the same. Since the routes have nothing to go with each other, there’s really no reason to go through them in a specific order. However, the official order is:

Shin > Ikki > Kent > Toma > Ukyo

Ukyo’s route is only unlocked after playing the four other routes so he must be last, and I recommend playing Toma second to last just because you’ll never be able to think of him the same way after playing his route.

The offered love interests are all distinct from each other and provide a nice mix of characters. I find it strange that Shin is the poster boy for the game (though he’s got the right personality), since it feels like Ikki is more involved in all the routes (excluding Shin’s route interestingly enough). Because each route takes place in a different parallel world, all the characters are a little different between routes, but the personalities of the love interests are the most consistent (even more so than the MC) and the character who is the most different between routes is Waka, the manager of the cafe Meido no Hitsuji; on a side note, Waka’s personalities were super entertain and I love how varied and extreme they are. Besides Waka, all the side characters are female. I found Rika to be a match for the extreme designs of the boys, Mine was a delightful surprise of not as bitchy as I thought she was going to be, and Sawa was bland with a color design too close to Kent’s.

I’m up in the air in regards to Orion. He’s cute and has fun expressions, and his personality is fine. At times I feel like he imposes himself too much on the game or becomes an obnoxious cheerleader type character. Instead getting the MC’s dialogue or thoughts, we usually get Orion commenting on events or responding to thing other characters say. It gets rather distracting when Orion responds to other characters and then other characters respond to what Orion says. The MC must be repeating what Orion says since the other character can’t hear Orion. I can understand why the MC saying the same thing as Orion would be omitted, but it was still strange.

If you want to complete the entire game, you will have to track through all the routes a couple of times, and then a couple more times if you aren’t using a guide or if the guide you’re using does note where to save to branch off to other endings. This is because there are a couple of different meters affecting what ending you get, and each guy gets: 1 happy ending, 1 normal ending, and at least 2 bad endings. I really, really missed the access to a history function with the ability to go to the last chapter, set my parameters, and get the end I want. Sure there might have still been some backtracking to get the stray CG, but it would have been infinity less tedious, and I would have gotten much more use and enjoyment out of it than out of the rock-paper-scissors and air hockey mini-games (both games which are only played in Shin’s route). I do not look at those mini-games benevolently.

Overall I found Amnesia: Memories to be an alright game. The Shin and Ikki’s routes/characters are alright, Kent is better than alright but by no means by favorite thing ever, Ukyo’s route/character was super interesting but there were lots of grammatical errors that averaged it out to alright. I just don’t see anything outstanding about this game, which is unfortunate. Still, if you’re looking for a game to play, this isn’t that bad of an option because it is almost always on sale for pretty cheap and you will definitely feel like you got your money’s worth with how long the game is (especially if you complete all the endings).

Favorite Guy: Kent

Favorite Route: Kent

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