Plot Summary: Kazuha and Hiroya escape some kobolds and join up with another player named Libera. When Kazuha is left behind as the other two go scouting, she meets Poyo-poyo, an intel monster. When Hiroya and Libera fail to return, Kazuha must rely on Poyo-poyo to survive Arcadia in hopes of reuniting with her friends and finding her brother.

What I think of him: As an intel monster, Poyo-poyo knows a lot about almost everything. He’s infamous for leaving a little important information out when telling people things which generally causes the recipient some degree of inconvenience. Being an informant is a business for him and he is known for avoiding combat and dangerous situations. He’s also well known for having a soft spot for cute girls, and he is especially enamored with Kazuha. He is more cunning and dangerous than he appears.

Nickname: None

Charm point: He really wants to help Kazuha out and eventually gives into her requests even if he’s initially against them

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle (and get assaulted in your sleep)

Would have eloped with: Anyone else (except Demento)

Most enjoyed: Um… all the mysteries are revealed and several people tell the mastermind how stupid his plans are? And I guess being with Poyo-poyo was reassuring.

Least liked: This route is just as problematic as Demento’s route, but in a really extreme sort of way. If the route writing trying to make Demento an okay partner was like using a band-aid to patch a leaky boat, then Poyo-poyo’s route is like trying to fix that boat by building another boat inside of the first – you’re no longer in danger of sinking, but the initial issue isn’t actually solved and it took a whole lot of BS to get there. This is what Poyo-poyo’s route is like, and the writers actually wrote in something completely excessive (and not just in this route, it shows up in Astrum’s route and one of the others too) just so they can get away with the end pairing being “okay” – but it’s not.

Worth the price of admission?: I’m so mad that this is the ultimate route. Going into it I already knew who Poyo-poyo was, but I really wanted to know the reason behind everything, and the more I knew the stupider it seemed. Some might be swayed by the sexiness(?) of the situation, but don’t be fooled by the BS that abounds. I really wish that this route was of the same quality as Astrum, Radius, and Libera’s routes

Recommended routes: 


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