Libera (Soft spoiler warning)


Plot Summary: Kazuha and Hiroya escape a kobald attack and shortly afterwards meet Libera who has come out to the forest to get a look at the Almightly Amadeus. Libera is a wealth of information and helps Kazuha and Hiroya find their footing in World V.  She also recalls that Shiki went to the Celestial Palace, the angel home base, to try and parley with the angels. Since it is their only lead, Hiroya goes to check it out, leaving Kazuha with Libera to teach her about Arcadia and World V.

What I think of him (soft spoiler warning): Libera is a guy who plays a girl character. He does it because he believes that girl characters have it much easier in games, especially since guys will just give stuff to them and watch out for them. Therefore, Libera built a cute character for himself, armed himself in skimpy clothes, and put on a sweet attitude to lure in other players. He’s a cunning guy and is always looking out for himself and how he can profit. He isn’t interested in fighting, leaving the beating of the final dungeon to other players, and his level reflects his preference for socializing. Libera is one of the most familiar characters with Arcadia, having played it since the beta, and he has also been in World V longer than most others. Since their routes branch from each other, Libera is sort of a foil for Hiryoa; while Hiroya is honest and straightforward Libera is deceitful and complicated

Nickname: None

Charm point: Libera is like a girl friend and a boyfriend all in one! And just a bit tsundere.

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, to prove that you do think of him as a guy

Would have eloped with: No one

Most enjoyed: The end of this route was excellent. The plan that Libera creates to stop the Period Cube is ingenious and it pretty much earned my approval for the trapped-in-a-game plot all on its own, I love it so much. I also really like how the post-credits scene was handled and it might be my favorite in that regards too.

Least liked: I have no complaints.

Worth the price of admission?: This is my favorite route of the game, and I actually think it is pretty close to perfect as far as otoge routes go. Libera is a fun character and actually manages to be deeply flawed and yet still redeemable (unlike a certain other character in Period Cube). His personality is multifaceted and he has several issues instead of one really big problem. Libera also feels as entrenched in the world as Kazuha, like regardless of whether she was involved, he would have had a story to tell. The route itself managed to be surprising and there is a reveal about his character that I started to expect when I was playing the route before Libera (Hiroya), and when it was confirmed in Libera’s route I was floored. Excellent stuff.

Recommended routes: 


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