Plot Summary: Kazuha insists that she stay to help Hiroya fight monsters, and the two of them somehow make it out of the battle alive. Although Hiroya is adept at the game of Arcadia, they find he is just as new to living in World V as Kazuha. When they are tricked by another player, they learn that they can only be certain of each other, and Kazuha tries to help Hiroya keep an open heart to strangers.

What I think of him: Hiroya acts tough, but he has a super soft spot for Kazuha and he idolizes her older brother, Shiki (who was the one to introduce him to Arcadia). He can be brash like a typical shounen hero and he is pretty straightforward (though Kazuha is somehow still oblivious to his feelings). He dotes on Kazuha and really just wants to protect her from anything and anyone that might harm her.

Nickname: None

Charm point: He’s just like a (guard) puppy dog, especially with his ears

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get pushed down, he is a wolf after all and he needs to get through to Kazuha somehow

Would have eloped with:

Most enjoyed: One of Hiroya’s strongest traits is his desire to protect Kazuha from harm, and it is nice that the route takes time to develop his character on this point. Hiroya is stronger than Kazuha, but he isn’t overwhelmingly strong like Astrum and Radius, nor is he really knowledgeable about the world like Poyo-poyo and Libera; so he is learning about World V and growing in experience just like Kazuha is. Eventually, Hiroya gets to the place where he isn’t just sheltering Kazuha all the time, but is instead trusting her to back him up.

Least liked: There wasn’t anything really wrong with the route, it just felt a little bland, and this was an issue both with the plot of the route and also with Hiroya as a character; sure he’s nice, but there wasn’t anything really special about his character.

Worth the price of admission?: It’s an okay route. I enjoyed it while playing, but it didn’t stick in my memory that well, and I just expected a little bit more from interacting with Hiroya during other routes.

Recommended routes: 


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