Plot Summary: After losing Hiryoya while running away from monsters, Kazuha stumbles into a battle between a demon, Radius, and some monster and is injured. Wounded and on the verge of death, Kazuha is saved when Radius adds her to his party which allows her to log out. Upon being forced to return to Arcadia, Kazuha learns that her rescuer is the strongest demon player, the wielder of the demon sword, Shadow’s edge, and a player infamous for going always going solo.

What I think of him: Radius is a loner. He is cold and distant to everyone, even to the few who think of themselves as his friends. When he speaks the others listen because of his power and icy glare. He’s essentially a kuudere. The reason why he never joins a party is very Kirito from Sword Art Online, and I don’t really understand why he has a reputation for never joining a party when he was part of one when he first entered World V. Although he acts as he pleases, he sees himself as being two-faced.

Nickname: None

Charm point: He’s determined to hold onto the MC no matter what

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be together, as close as possible

Would have eloped with: No one

Most enjoyed: This is a good route in the sense that it is entertaining and three is delightful character development. In particular, this is the route that you get the closest to the Forte party, and they are all wonderful side characters. Once the romance with Radius begins, I fell fast for him as a character and as a love option (he ranks barely under Astrum as my favorite)

Least liked: Radius ditches Kazuha pretty early on and doesn’t really get involved until much later in the route. And because he doesn’t, the romance feels a little rushed. Kazuha also begins to think about Radius constantly and starts falling for him in his absence. I can understand why, since he saved her, but she could have fallen for him while interacting with him instead of remembering her interactions with him.

Also, Hiroya went crazy out of character in this route; even worse than he is in his Merry Bad Ending.

Worth the price of admission?: This is a great route so long as you don’t need to have a constant stream of romance. Along with Astrum and Libera’s routes, it makes the strongest routes of the game.

Recommended routes: 


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