Plot Summary: Hiroya and Kazuha reside under Astrum’s protection in the home base of the angels, the Celestial Palace. However some dissenting angels take Kazuha to the final dungeon where they are attacked by a player killer, the fallen angel, Demento.

What I think of him: Demento is a man who lives to fight. His utmost desire is to feel life, and he finds it in the begging of others when they are near the brink of death and in his own strong desire to live when he is near death. He loves the world of Arcadia and prefers it, with all it’s danger, to the real world. Since as a player killer he is considered neither part of the angels nor the devils, he intends to prevent the others from completing the the final dungeon.

Nickname: None

Charm point: … um… does he even really have one?

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Try to change him, because Kazuha seems obsessed with doing so.

Would have eloped with: 

Most enjoyed: The thought behind the fallen angel class is interesting. It must have existed before World Z, because I don’t think anyone would have anticipated someone killing someone, especially not someone in their own faction. I think the downgrades to Demento’s characters are something real gamers might go for as a challenge, but I don’t think his stats accurately reflected his strength since Kazuha comments on it frequently.

Least liked: Demento’s route is highly problematic. Of smaller note (though no less troublesome), he smacks Kazuha around a bit when they first meet. This isn’t addressed post-reform. He’s a killer and he likes killing. Demento starts PKing after entering World V; it isn’t enough for him that he can kill demons without consequence, he needs to kill anyone he can. There is no question that Demento is a murderer, and he never faces real world consequences for it. The game actually tries to pull this BS about how he is just quietly suffering the weight of his actions, but he doesn’t remember so nothing can be done. The “His Perspective” chapter indicates that he does sense that he’s done something terrible, but he concludes that he’s better off not knowing.

Also troubling is Kazuha’s commitment to changing Demento. It’s true that I like watching the love interests change because of the MC, but it’s troubling to see the MC step into the relationship with the intent of changing her partner, even against the concerns/interference of others.

Worth the price of admission?: Dementos’s route is really only about half a route. Instead of replaying Astrum’s route until it branches, I recommend going to the history and starting at chapter five of Astrum’s route. Doing this cuts back from the redundancy of the route and helps to get it over with faster.

Recommended routes: 


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