Plot Summary: While running from monsters, Kazuha is separated from Hiroya. After an anxious night alone, she finds a pretty man asleep near a lake. “Welcome to Arcadia”, he says as he awakens, but beyond his name, Zain doesn’t seem to know anything else. As Kazuha and Zain stumble around the unfamiliar world of Arcadia, they being to notice that there is something different about Zain.

What I think of him: Zain is mysterious, even to himself. He is gentle and is very much like a young child experiencing the world for the first time. Although he is a complete stranger to Kazuha, Zain seems to have a connection to, and he is very concerned about her

Nickname: None

Charm point: The way that Zain clings to Kazuha and listens so intently to her

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Stroll around hand in hand

Would have eloped with: No one

Most enjoyed: Zain’s route has a nice sense of mystery to it with it and has a nice string of mysteries to puzzle out. You start with Zain’s identity and why he’s like he is. Then you have the question of why Kazuha sees someone who looks like him in the real world when that should be impossible. And of course there’s the question of why Zain changes.

Least liked: Zain’s route basically get hijacked, and his personality changes completely for half of his route. And his altered personality is not sweet and cute like his usual self, but is manically possessive of Kazuha; which I wouldn’t normally count as a problem except there are already a couple of characters like that, and I require variety. And then he just turns back to normal in his happy ending, making the change pointless.

Worth the price of admission?: Zain’s route had promise (given what Zain’s nature is, and the fact that he is the only one even more helpless and lost than Kazuha), but failed to deliver. I would have liked if this route was either better or if it had been combined with another route to make space for a different character route.


Recommended routes: 


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