Plot Summary: Kazuha and Hiroya are rescued from a Kobald by Astrum, the leader of the angel players stuck in World V. Astrum promises to protect them (although mostly the MC) and they head to the angels’ home city, the Celestial Palace. Astrum’s courtly manners and doting make Kazuha forget the danger she’s in. But soon Kazuha learns that her inexperience has caused a rift amongst the angel ranks and might threaten Astrum’s position

What I think of him: Astrum is always ready with sweet, adoring words for Kazuha, and he cherishes her above everything else. Astrum is a hardcore gamer. He is involved with Arcadia’s online community via forums and speedrun videos. His character is one of the highest leveled characters Kazuha encounters, and he is in possession of one of the three divine blades. He is also really, really into role playing. The other players really respect Astrum and that is largely a result of his confidence in what he is doing.  His real self… is very different, although he is no less competent in real life.

Nickname: None

Charm point: Gap moe

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Push him down

Would have eloped with: 

  • Hiroya

Most enjoyed: Astrum is just a really well written and entertaining character. Also he is so nice to Kazuha, and it is pretty sad how happy I am to see a love interest that is just pleasant to be around even when he and the MC are strangers. I adore how charming and verbose Astrum is (and how Sirent is all, please just bear with him), and also how sharp tongued he can be. He seems to decide from the beginning that his character should be in love with Kazuha and ridiculous situations ensue as he follows up with that decision. He has great character development as well, not only in reconciling his real self with his game self, but also with how he goes from sheltering Kazuha constantly to trusting her to not only take care of herself but to save everyone.

Least liked: At one point in the route all the players start to bash on Astrum’s role playing, including the angels. Sure it’s weird that someone would continue role playing when you are actually living the game almost 24/7, but none of the angels (except Sirent) really have anything to say about it until the demons throw in their two cents and then it’s a free for all.

Worth the price of admission?: Astrum’s route is one of the best routes in the game. Between him, Libera, and Radius, I found Period Cube to be worth the game. Because this is the only complete route on the angel’s side, this route is one of the least spoilery, especially since Poyo Poyo barely features. It is also one of only two routes that really takes advantage of Arcadia being a game.

Recommended routes: 


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