Mizuki Fujisaki


Plot Summary: The MC isn’t sure what to expect from a pop-idol turned bodyguard, but Mizuki sure isn’t it. Still, she finds his gentle manner and quirkiness reassuring. But just as she starts to think that she can lean on him, he tells her that she must absolutely not fall in love with him.

What I think of him: Mizuki is charming and quirky. His good looks and gentle manners along with his past as an idol make him a popular guy, and even though he’s been out of the entertainment business for a while people still recognize him. Mizuki is a little hard to read, but he can also be remarkably straightforward since once he makes up his mind he tends to charge forward regardless of consequences. Mizuki is a devoted bodyguards and gives little thought to what harm he might suffer in the line of duty.

Nickname: None

Charm point: He talks to animals (and understands them?)

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle

Would have eloped with: 

Most enjoyed: The development of the MC and Mizuki’s relationship. Mizuki felt genuinely comforting, and his story about how he ended up joining the police was funny. The MC also felt like an equal contributor to their relationship with how she tries to teach him how to care for his life (and it is a process for Mizuki as further routes show).

Least liked: The “don’t fall in love with me” spiel. Not only is this overdone, but 1) it also came out of no where (the MC even makes a comment to that effect), 2) of course you’re going to do something when you’re told not to – especially if it is falling in love in a romance game – , and 3) there wasn’t any backstory reason for Mizuki to say this. Sure there is the issue with Kuh, but Mizuki doesn’t really seemed bothered by it and just ignores her unless she crosses the line in regards to his job. At the very least Mizuki could have had a story about how people he used to guard kept falling in love with him and causing trouble by faking threats in order to request him, but nope, nothing. Which makes this whole thing pointless, with it’s only continuity being that the MC occasionally thinks, “oh no, I can’t fall in love with Mizuki”.

Worth the price of admission?: I, personally, enjoy Mizuki’s route. He’s actually one of my favorites in this game (top 5?). However, I don’t think that this route is for everyone. Mizuki is a very peculiar character, and if you want someone dashing and manly, you should turn away. I think some people might also find him somewhat triggering due to how little he cares about his own well being for a good portion of the route. Though if none of that turns you off and you like the quirky types, Mizuki should rate high on your list.

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): 

  • Epilogue: Mizuki is acting weird and it’s making the MC nervous as she prepares to attend her first formal function as the Prime Minister’s daughter. Mizuki didn’t seem to mind the bodyguard-client thing at the end of the main route, but I guess it began to bother him after he had a little time to stew? It was a pretty meh, but Hirazumi does get props for being an awesome dad.
  • Sequel: The MC is attending an event on a cruise ship with her father, and with Mizuki as her bodyguard, of course. On board they encounter Mizuki’s former mentor who is guarding an up-and-coming young politician. However, their cruise ship is shortly thereafter hijacked. Mizuki is a ball of angst in this one and it is due to some back-sliding on his part, but the MC is delightfully strong. It does take place on a cruise ship and towards the end you’re going to want to start playing some Celine Dion.
  • Dead or Love: Mizuki is temporarily assigned to guard a politician who is outrageously vocal in his criticisms of the Prime Minister. And when that politician is murdered, Mizuki is at the top of the suspect list. This was a good route, very tense and dramatic, and I really enjoyed the MC and Mizuki’s relationship since it has obviously developed, but still has room to grow
  • Wedding: As the MC and Mizuki’s wedding draws near, Mizuki receives a request that brings the both of them into contact wit Mizuki’s past as an idol. Finally we get to hear the details as to why Mizuki quit show business! The wedding stuff fades away for a majority of the plot but this is a really good route for coming to understand Mizuki’s character. I think it also really shows how hard it is for some people to understand him, even if they’re close to him. It was also wonderful that Mizuki got some closure right before starting his married life with the MC.

Notable substories: 

Recommended routes: 


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