Mitsunari Ishida


Plot Summary: The MC is made into the poison taster for Ieyasu. The MC finds Ieyasu to be a cunning  and cruel man but when she helps the sister of Mitsunari Ishida, a favored retainer of Hideyoshi, Mitsunari saves her from Ieyasu and brings her into Hideyoshi’s household. Mitsunari seems all too prickly but the MC can’t help but suspect that there is something more to him, and her insistence of devloping a friendship with his sister might be her path to learning more about him than she could have ever imagined

What I think of him: Mitsunari has a sharp wit and a sharp tounge to match. He is a strict man and is always ready to deliver a scathing set down. But whatever else might be said of Mitsunari, he is a deeply loyal man, and he always repays his debts. Hideyoshi is the person that Mitsunari most respects and looks up to, and Hideyoshi is the only one who seems to know about Mitsunari’s personal life

Nickname: Fox of Sawayama

Charm point: He so adorably awkward when he’s honest

Quote: “I’m just TRYING to tell you that I want you to stay with me!!! There!! Get something in you head for once, you… you insufferable little manju-girl!!”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Make him blush, because it’s easy once you know how

Would have eloped with: No one, because Mitsunari is perfect

Favorite moments: 

  • The MC’s family bullying welcoming Mitsunari when he drops the MC off back at her home
  • The MC encouraging Mitsunari when he is feeling completley broken and depressed
  • When everyone finds out that Mitsunari is younger than the MC
  • The MC ranting at Mitsunari and making him apologize to her
  • Mitsunari following Hideyoshi’s dating tips in the epilogue chapter

Worst moments: 

  • I feel sort of bad for Sakon and his ill-fated crush
  • I don’t think that Mitsunari would fall into as deep a depression or at least that his desire to support Hideyoshi wouldn’t pull him out of it before the MC needed to intervene

Worth the price of admission?: I think Mitsunari is by far the best guy in this game, although if you find tsundere type characters disagreeable, you will not enjoy him as he is pretty classic tsundere; although I usually do not like tsundere characters, I personally really enjoyed Mitsunari. Mitsunari is sharp and jagged in a lot of ways, but his backstory not only explains his behavior but is also interesting. He’s complexities feels a lot more real than some of the other guys who can feel a little thrown together for the sake of drama. He’s just so cute that I want to bully him a little

Recommended routes: 


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