Plot Summary: The MC chooses Crowlie as her boyfriend, much to his delight and disbelief. Crowlie, the MC, Heartmann, Leonardo, and Oz head to the Emerald City, which Oz left in the hands of Crowlie. When they arrive, Oz proves that he might hold more sway over his former subjects than their current king which greatly bothers Crowlie. The MC wants to care for and support Crowlie, but she has yet to realize that staying by Crowlie’s side might not be a possibility

What I think of him: Having asked for a brain, Crowlie is very intelligent and can more often than not be found in the library, even when he isn’t seeing to his kingly duties. Still, just because he’s smart doesn’t give him any street sense, and Crowlie is definitely an ivory tower kind of guy and he thinks he can use his brain to solve any problem. Still he can also be easily shocked or startled, especially by his own emotions which he is learning to deal with because they weren’t really a thing when he was a scarecrow. Crowlie is the closest thing to a voice of reason that there is amongst the original trio

Nickname: None

Charm point: His attachment to his hood

Quote: “That’s what you want? Someone’s needy. Adorably so.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Work quietly together, maybe in the park

Would have eloped with:

  • Heartmann or Leonardo, because both do their best to set their own feelings aside to support the MC and Crowlie

Favorite moments:

  • Heartmann and Leonardo helping Crowlie and the MC make up
  • Crowlie’s dedication to being a good king and his plans for the gardens

Worst moments:

  • Norton’s creepy moment when he’s talking about how he was the first one to kiss the MC

Worth the price of admission?: This route isn’t bad per say, but it suffers from the same fault that Heartmann and Leonardo’s routes have and that is that they feel a little empty plot wise, and this is because Solmare made the unfortunate decision to save their best source of tension for fairly late in the route, and that makes the first part of the route feel aimless and like a fun tour through the land rather than plot-driven. Crowlie is cute and there’s nothing really wrong with the route, but if you want a story then this is not the place to look

Recommended routes:


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