Plot Summary: The MC chooses the door that leads to a beach and finds a merman washed up on the beach. Ocean is the youngest prince of the underwater kingdom and wishes to be human and explore sights he’s never seen before. Unfortunately, even though the MC wants to grant his wish so she can meet the requirement of making someone happy, she isn’t capable of such advanced magic, but now that he’s gotten the idea of being human, Ocean isn’t about to let it go so easily

What I think of him: Ocean is a little reckless and a lot curious of the land world. He is the baby of his family and is doted on my his father and two elder brothers. He has a bit of arrogance to him, but honestly that is only to be expected considering who he is. He tends to prompt others to do things for him, but then charge off to do it for himself when that fails. He is very strong in his own right and like all of his people, has a mesmerizing singing voice

Nickname: None

Charm point: He loves flowers

Quote: “I’m happy enough… Since I can disappear while being held by you… I won’t forget about you, even if I’m dead. I’ll love you forever…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: 

Would have eloped with: 

Favorite moments: 

  • Ocean not knowing how to put on human clothes and ending up tied up in them
  • Ocean’s sadness when he realized the MC traded her voice away, and then his strength when fighting Marybell
  • The scenes on the beach before and after the bubble incident
  • Marybell was funny and awesome

Worst moments: 

  • Ocean’s assumption about the MC getting with Aster

Worth the price of admission?: Ocean’s route is pretty great, there are some touching scenes, some really funny scenes, and I think they do a great job showing Ocean’s wonder for the world on land is well done without dwelling on it too much. Also, Ocean is one of the best, if not the best, love interest in this game (it’s a tossup between Ocean and Gretel)

Recommended routes: 


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