Plot Summary: The MC chooses Ken as her guardian since she has known him for five years. The MC is discomforted by the changes in her life, especially since being a princess doesn’t feel real to her yet, and then the MC learns that her father isn’t ill as the knights originally told her, but that he is actually missing, and that the people after her are assassins sent from the neighboring kingdom, Gladius. Ken is at her side, teasing her as always, and the MC soon finds herself leaning on him for more than just comfort

What I think of him: Ken is blunt and brusque. He worked as a blacksmith in the MC’s village for the five years he had been around to guard her, so she’s the closest thing she has to a childhood friend and he acts very familiar with her. He’s rather good at physical things but when it comes to emotions he’s a little clumsy. He has a soft spot for sweet rolls

Nickname: Kenny

Charm point: He wants to be the only one to guard the MC

Quote: “I can’t give up on you. It’s too late. I can’t hold back the way I feel about you now…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Chat while he’s on night guard duty

Would have eloped with: 

  • Gaia, because he is there if you want to talk
  • Sion, because he is trying to give advice if you’d just wait a minute

Favorite moments: 

  • Ken and the MC bickering over their food
  • Ken just giving up on being formal
  • The shopping date
  • Haku revealing that the MC was jealous and Ken just coming out and saying “well I was jealous too”

Worst moments: 

  • The whole Sora issue could have been easily avoided
  • I knew exactly where the route was headed as soon as someone mentioned that Ken was the king’s favorite, and I did not like it at all

Worth the price of admission?: I did enjoy Ken’s route, but it was in spite of the route utilizing two plots that I don’t like. The interactions between the knights and the MC, and between the MC and Ken were just so strong that I managed to over look a plot which wasn’t bad, it was just composed of things I don’t care for personally. So I’d definitly give this one a try if you like childhood friends, athletic guys, or knights

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): 

  • Epilogue: The MC is concerned if she is qualified to be a princess when she and Ken come across a festival on the verge of breaking into a riot. The MC really shows her stuff in this epilogue, even if everything falls too neatly into place after one hurdle is passed. It’s not super romantic, but it’s solid

Notable substories: 

Recommended routes: 


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