Kei Murasame


Plot Summary: When the MC follows a lead on the Salamander case, she falls into a trap and is in danger of being captured. She is saved by Kei Murasame, the man who got her changed into Naotake’s unit and who as seems to be following her. Kei explains to the MC that she is being pursed by a group of psychics called Hihou, and offers to train her. Despite some misgivings, the MC gratefully accepts his offer. The MC can’t quite figure Kei out, he seems to treasure her, calling her Princess, but at other times he seems cold, and most of all she is sure that he is definitely hiding something from her

What I think of him: Kei is calm and rather mysterious. He is a powerful man, both psychical and politically, and he his presence is both gentle and commanding. His powers are foresight and creating a shield, although he gets the most use out of the former. He is very strict when it comes to the MC’s training, and he has very high expectations for her. There is frequently a coldness about him, as though he were a scientist observing doing some clinical observation, and although he does use his foresight a lot, he doesn’t frequently interfear with what he sees

Nickname: The Prophet

Charm point: The MC is his precious Princess

Quote: “You are more dear to me than anyone can ever be. I love your smile, I love it when you’re working hard… I couldn’t bare the thought of you with anyone else.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Sleep together, because the trust is finally there and he’s ready to give into his desire

Would have eloped with: 

  • Naotake, because he’s just so worry when the MC goes missing for her training session

Favorite moments: 

  • Kei hugging the MC like it’s the last time he’s going to see her the morning before she meets Salamander’s boss
  • Kei telling the MC that he wants to keep her all to himself
  • When sexy times are underway and Kei stops to make sure that the MC is completely okay with what will happen
  • Kei saying he doesn’t want a healer since the MC promised to care for him until he got better

Worst moments: 

  • There are so many moments when I was thinking about how Kei could have done something that would have solved the issues that came up
  • The MC thinking that she doesn’t want to screw anyone up with her powers and going out to stop Salamander on her own… stupid

Worth the price of admission?: There’s a really weird dissonance in this route. Kei looks great on paper: he’s gentle, he’s powerful, he calls the MC “Princess” and his treatment of her generally reflects that opinion. But there is something off about him, something cold. It’s probably a combination of a few things. First off there is his tendency towards tough love; when the MC is learning how to use her foresight he is super critical of her and then when things move on to the training with the baseballs where the MC was actually being hurt for the sake of training… Second there the way he tends to not interfere with his visions; when he has a vision of the MC confronting Salamander he chooses not to interfere because he sees that Naotake and Yusuke will be there, similarly when he sees that the MC is going to encounter Takigawa he doesn’t do anything because he knows that the MC will win out over his powers in the end (and she almost committed suicide instead). Third is that he feels really unsympathetic toward’s the MC trauma about her abilities, actually he doesn’t even seem to acknowledge her trauma and it feels like he is treating it as her just being stubborn about her powers. Right at the end I felt like his feeling for the MC were sincere but that was only when he took the hit for her, and that is problematic because according to him, he knew he was in love with her even before they met, and ultimately that might be the biggest problem with this route: that Kei doesn’t change or develop as a character at all he is pretty much the same all the way through. I had such high hopes going into this route (since Kei is so good-looking and mysterious in the prologue), but I think I would recommend passing up this route


Recommended routes: 


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