Idol Dormitory


Company: Arithmetic

Cost: Free-to-Play

Synopsis: On a day that began like any other, the MC and her coworkers are surprised to find that their company has gone bankrupt and has closed down overnight. The MC wanders about in a daze at last coming to a petshop. Idolly she wishes that she was a pet and a second later her wish is granted. She is brought to a secret dormitory which is home to famous idols and is given a new job, but rather than being employed it feels like she is just being played by a famous idol

MC: She’s a very typical young woman who is on the path to being a typical office lady until her company unexpected goes under. She doesn’t handle curve balls very gracefully, and no matter how much she protests, it seems to be pretty easy for the guys to sweep her along to their pace. She isn’t an amazing cook or housekeeper, but before she knows it she is completely settled in to her role as Matron. Although she isn’t a fan of any particular idol group, she is aware enough to recognize them and can even get starstruck (though not for any of the date-able boys)


  • Hiroki Kisumi: An idol and member of biRth who seems like a gentle elder brother but is actually very dominant and bossy
  • Tetsuya Narishige: The leader of biRth who is known as the King. He is very arrogant but secretly lonely and hardworking

Impressions: This game is super easy to play since there are no checkpoints to get through, which may be it’s best quality(?). That isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the game, because I did; I generally enjoy idol focused otoge. It’s just that this game doesn’t really offer anything new. It’s an idol game without sound, which is its own tragedy. The plot is very unlikely to surprise you if you’ve ever played a game where the love interest was famous. The MC’s personality is nearly non-existent (though I never expect much from Arithmetic MCs) and although I liked the guys, they are pretty run-of-the-mill love interests, and there are only two. Sota was supposed to be released and it seems like there was some slip where his route was available accidentally, but by this point I don’t expect his route to actually make an appearance… And yet, I did really like this game. Maybe it’s because I have low standards for idol games and for Arithmetic games, or maybe because it is so easy to play and takes so little time to do so. Regardless this is an okay game and if you want something to play on the side, Idol Dormitory is a solid pick

Favorite Guy: Tetsuya

Favorite Route: Tetsuya

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