Subaru Ichiyanagi


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Subaru as her bodyguard and everyone seems to think that is the best choice since Subaru is a top-notch bodyguard. But after dealing with Subaru’s arrogance and high-handedness, the MC can’t help but wonder if she made a mistake. However, as she begins to see beyond Subaru’s arrogance she learns that Subaru is in the midst of wedding planning with a fiance arranged by his father

What I think of him: Subaru is an arrogant alpha-male type. He is bossy and good at pretty much anything he tries his hands at. His skills make him highly thought of, even to people who clash with his personality. He’s the son of the police comissioner and his career is on the up-and-up. He is also really into homemaking and you would be hard pressed to find a better cook or house-husband

Nickname: None

Charm point: I think the MC put it best when she thought “Subaru is full of surprises… Most of them cute and frilly”

Quote: “Meeting you showed me what I really wanted from life”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be teased, because Subaru will do so mercilessly

Would have eloped with: 

  • Kaiji, because his crush is obvious but is also such a great friend to both the MC and Subaru
  • Mizuki, because every now and then he has one comment that really zings, and he so odd

Favorite moments: 

  • Subaru wearing the MC’s apron for the first time
  • Kosugi’s reaction to Subaru (and just Kosugi in general)
  • I like how brave the MC tries to be and how Subaru compliments her about it before getting her to lean on him
  • The MC being given the decision to do the exchange with the Bomber and her decision to go through with it
  • Going back to Subaru’s place after everything is settled (and the MC accidentally handcuffing herself)

Worst moments: 

  • Why is Subaru so predjudiced against being the MC’s bodyguard at first? He should be all for it since 1) it’s a good opportunity for his career advancement and 2) the MC seems to be pretty cute and Subaru like girls and likes using them as “tools”
  • Subaru telling his fiance to make all of the wedding choices right before he ends up telling the MC that he is going to cancel his engagement
  • I feel a little bad for Subaru’s fiance. She is simultaneously very significant and completely unimportant, and I feel like she got the short end of the stick in so many ways

Worth the price of admission?: I feel like Subaru is one of Voltage’s iconic men, and for good reason; Subaru is a great prospect just from his background but he’s also got both a manly dominant-sexy side while being the perfect househusband. All-in-all Subaru has enough sides to please nearly anyone, and his route is pretty good too, with an MC who is both active and also content to angst a little. I think it’s a route that will appeal to a lot of people so I do recommend it

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): 

  • Epilogue: The MC’s drama club is gearing up for their competition, but the day before the play the male lead falls ill and it’s up to Prince Subaru to take the stage! I love the idea of this epilogue but it’s execution falls short. On top of a bunch of annoying little glitches during the epilogue, it also ends on a terrible cliff-hanger which does not get picked up in the Sequel as it leads you to believe
  • Sequel: Someone shoots at the Prime Minister during a formal dinner and during the ensuing investigation the MC and Subaru are forcibly separated. I enjoyed this sequel. It was interesting and had a lot of good emotions, and it really made me want to jump over to Kaiji’s route
  • Dead or Love: Subaru’s grandmother runs away from home and into Subaru’s apartment and says that she won’t approve his and the MC’s marriage because Subaru is still lacking something. The MC and Subaru set out to take a short vacation in Greece before joining the Prime Minister in Turkey for official business. It should have been a peaceful trip, but it isn’t long before the bodyguards are needed in action. The grandmother subplot doesn’t work so well as a hook or as bookends, although I did enjoy her and I liked the concept of Subaru lacking something. The meat of the action in Turkey after Goto hooks up with the MC and Subaru is really great and it makes you want to go read Goto’s route as well. The Happy Ending is super hilarious, but I would rather have gotten the roller-coster photo as my CG than the sleeping in the car CG (although that was cute too). All in all, it’s a great route; there was a long break between when the rest of the game was released and when this route came out (at least in English) and it really does feel like Voltage stepped up their game here

Notable substories: 

  • Espresso Story: A coin-drop story from Sweet Cafe. The MC is hanging out with Kousgi and Midori after club practice and they begin to grill her about her relationship with Subaru. This is one of my favorite Sweet Cafe stories since it has a great balance of humor and sweetness

Recommended routes: 


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