Sora Hirosue


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Sora as her bodyguard. The others tell the MC that Sora is a good bodyguard, but she herself begins to doubt it when she sees how Sora seems to be more interested in flirting and talking to girls on his phone than he is in watching out for her

What I think of him: Sora is the lively young flirt among the bodyguards. He’s always hooking up with one girl or another and he frequently attends group dates. He is pretty silly and at times says some really innappropriate things (like calling Ishigami a spy). He rambunctious and his antics frequently cause him to be the center of attention, which he enjoys. Despite his girl chasing, Sora is a capable bodyguard and he is well known as a master of disguises. Since he is pretty small, his most infamous disguise is dressing as a girl. Sora doesn’t mind cross-dressing for his job, but he hates the thought of it otherwise and he especially hates having pictures taken of him when he’s in women’s clothes. Sora has a sunny personality, and even though his past wasn’t the easiest he thinks on it as a positive experience

Nickname: None

Charm point: He’s a lightweight and a clingy drunk

Quote: “You may not be my client now. But I am still going to protect you. Will you let me be your bodyguard always?”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: A hug to take all your worries away

Would have eloped with: 

  • Kaiji, because he was so worried about the MC

Favorite moments: 

  • Sora and the MC under her bedsheets during the midnight break in attempt
  • The MC trying to decide between pairs of underwear and Sora freaking out
  • The lunch with the MC, Sora, and Kenta
  • Sora getting drunk at his release party
  • Going to visit Sora’s hometown, especially the promised walk on the beach

Worst moments: 

  • All of Sora’s excessive flirting, even when the MC is right there
  • Sora refusing to go along with the plan until it seems like the MC will have to do it alone
  • I can’t identify when Sora goes from his “no touching the clients” position to not being able to resist the MC (or what the MC did to trigger it)

Worth the price of admission?: I remember sort of liking Sora when I first played his route, and it’s a testament to how my tastes have changed that I found his rather annoying when I was replaying his route to review. Maybe it’s that I just can’t see Sora as a lady-killer in any fashion. He’s not super hot in my opinion, his skirt-chasing is obvious enough to warn off any girl with sense, and he acts really immature. With all those qualities I don’t know where he’s picking up all these girlfriends who keep calling him. I also found him too flippant. Picking up girls and answering personal phone calls while he’s supposed to be protecting the MC is bad enough, but then he continues to hit on the MC while simultaneously saying that it’s a rule to keep his hands off the client. He tries to play it off as him not noticing that he’s hitting on the MC, but 1) Sora is not a natural flirt like say Hiroshi Kirisawa or Haruki Tanemura, and 2) Sora as a self proclaimed lady’s man should know what signals he’s sending. To make it all worse, the MC is completely turned off by his behavior; at least until she does the seeing his serious side and starts falling for him bit. Sora does a little better once he gets over the no-touching-the-client rule (which was totally pointless), but I don’t really think it’s really worth waiting for unless the younger-flirty guy is your type specifically

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): 

  • Epilogue: Due in equal parts to some good and bad luck, the MC and Sora head out to Hawaii for a short vacation. This epilogue felt a little rushed with the MC and Sora dashing from activity to activity and then the ending sort of came out of no where. It felt more like just dragging the character through events so they could get to the next milestone in their relationship rather than the character deepening their bond through their interactions, which makes it a little bit of a disappointment
  • Sequel: The MC’s father suddenly steps down from his position as Prime Minister, and after another break in at her home, the new bodyguards try to take the MC to the Residence even though she is no longer the daughter of the Prime Minister. Sora grabs her and they run away together, but the MC can’t help but wonder who broke in to her apartment and what the new Prime Minister wants with her. I liked this sequel, Sora is more serious and less annoying than the main route, and although the plot is pretty predictable, it still got my heart pounding at times. The one thing I didn’t care for was how the route tried to shoe-horn an extra bit about the man who inspired Sora to join the police. If they wanted to include this bit, it should have been better integrated into the route. Still, if you like Sora, this Sequel is worth a read

Notable substories: 

Recommended routes: 


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