Takamasa Saeki


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Saeki, much to everyone’s surprise, and he turns out to be the screenwriter for some of her favorite shows. Saeki is writing a movie script about a married couple and he wants the MC to pretend to be his wife so he can write a better script, and the MC finds herself sucked into his pace. But when he asks her to stay with him forever, the MC doesn’t know if flighty and frivilous, Saeki is being serious or not

What I think of him: Saeki is hyper and frivilous. He’s very free-spirited and does things at his ownn pace, frequently mystifying others. He always blurts out what he’s thinking, which are usually perverted thoughts, and sometimes his brain takes interesting side-trips. He’s a gifted screenwriter and is very serious about his work. Since his life is so unconventional, he has a bunch of rules he has set for himself (like wearing colorful socks and white shirts, or eating a banana as soon as he gets out of the bath). Saeki might be the only guy who I think works with the verb “giggling”. He’s pretty impulsive, but he is also very sincere and honest. Many times he acts the way that he does to get a reaction out of people (usually the MC). Although he doesn’t seem like he would be, Saeki is actually a pretty sensitive guy

Nickname: None

Charm point: You never know what he’ll do next, but it will surly be fun

Quote: “Stay with me. Forever. I love you. I’m crazy in love with you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hold hands while walking, swinging them like children

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments: 

  • The MC’s reaction when she sees what a mess Saeki’s home is, and how in awe he is when she begins cleaning
  • The MC trying to put Saeki’s script back together
  • The baseball game
  • The MC and Saeki working together on his script

Worst moments: 

  • Did Director Muro need to be so bitchy for no particular reason?
  • The fight seemed to come out of no where. Maybe if there was a scene earlier where Saeki goes really defensive when the MC was insulted I would have been more prepared for it, but as it was it felt like it just happened
  • Why did Saeki leave for his trip without discussing the MC’s declaration that she was going to move out, especially if he’s so head over heels for the MC? It feels like it happened for no other reason than so there could be the over-dramatic and cliche airport scene (which isn’t a good enough reason on it’s own)

Worth the price of admission?: I really like Saeki, he’s really a fun guy but that doesn’t stop him or his route from having it’s deep moments. It’s a cheerful route, but it isn’t superficial. Saeki is sort of one of the most memorable personalities of this game, not only in his route but in the other guys’ as well, but I don’t think he’s actually very popular since he is missing in a lot of the substories and only has I think one Sweet Cafe story of his own. I think it’s such a shame since Saeki is such a different guy and he’s definitely someone that won’t blur together with all the other otoge men you’ve romanced

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): 

  • Epilogue: Saeki and the MC are in London for business and more importantly, to visit the store that makes Saeki’s favorite shirts. Saeki is a little more hyper than normal (for a reason though), but this is still a pretty cute epilogue
  • Sequel: Director Muro asks the MC to fill in at her firm temporarily and the MC ends up managing a new screen writer who seems to hate Saeki and says that he intends to make the MC his. This sequel feels more like the MC’s story than anything else, and although Saeki appears frequently, the other Long Island boys appear only once. I’m not really sure why the MC is so concerned about not telling Saeki about what Takenouchi is really like and that he keeps hitting on her. Still, Saeki brings the fun back whenever he is on screen and it was nice to see the MC working and her man waiting to welcome her back
  • Sequel Epilogue: Takenouchi sends the MC and Saeki tickets to the premier of his new film. This was pretty cute and had a couple of really touching moments. It felt more concrete than the first epilogue and I honestly liked it more than that one
  • Season 2 Main Story: The MC and Saeki end up caring for a son of one of his friends who claims that Saeki is his father. I found the little boy, Shun to be quiet obnoxious, although I understand why they gave him the personality he has because it plays well against Saeki (Saeki who can sound childish and Shun who talks like an adult). It also felt that the MC pushed Saeki way out on the sidelines to bend over backwards for Shun. Towards the end the dynamics of the trio plays out a little better, but it felt like a lot to slog through to get to only a couple chapters of okay
  • Season 2 Epilogue: A month after Shun leaves, Saeki decides that he wants a puppy. This time is felt like Saeki was pushing the MC aside a little bit for the puppy, but it was minor and worked out very quickly. Still not my favorite as far as epilogues go though
  • Wedding Bells: Director Muro goes independent and asks the MC to join her firm and manage Saeki. There are two conflicts in this one: one revolving around Muro’s new studio, the fallout from that, and the MC beginning to work there, and another regarding the MC and Saeki’s move towards their wedding and being recognized by her parents. Both conflicts are separate issues but they feed into each other in a nice way so you don’t get whiplash moving between them. I think Saeki really shows off his character in this route between all his usual antics and showing his serious side regarding his work and his love for the MC. Also the MC becomes Saeki’s official caretaker both professionally and personally, which I find sort of amusing. I enjoyed both the Super Happy End and the Happy End, but they don’t really fit in a single timeline (I guess you could say that the Happy End comes first?)
  • Wedding Bells Epilogue: Saeki and the MC enjoy some time in Hawaii before heading back home. This was pretty lighthearted and entertaining, and the ending was great. Saeki and the MC end up walking home from Long Island as the sun sets just like they did when they first met and Saeki has a little monologue that made me feel like, yes this story for Saeki is complete (even though it wasn’t really). It just made me happy and fulfilled

Notable substories: 

  • High School Days: The MC is just starting high school, and when she breaks an important flash drive she is drafted into the student council. She ends up paired with Saeki and working on the annual student council play. The MC can’t stand how flighty and frivolous Saeki is, but when she accidentally causes his Sugar Mama to break up with him, Saeki announces that he’s going to be living at her place. High school Saeki is actually a little obnoxious, especially in the first couple of chapters, but the route is well balanced since the MC is super practical and actually finds him super annoying in the beginning as well. They managed to recreate/reimagine a very memorable scene from the main route and I thought it was a really great interpretation of how these characters would have interacted if the game was set in high school
  • High School Days Epilogue: The MC and Saeki have set their first date, but when Misa needs help advancing her relationship with Haruka, the MC asks if they can turn their first date into a double date. Saeki was great in this one and adorable in his special way, I did find Misa to be a little annoying though

Recommended routes: 


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