Hiroki Kisumi


Plot Summary: When the MC makes an offhand comment about how she wishes she were a well taken-care of pet, the last thing she expected was for an idol to say he’ll take care of her and proceed to abduct her off the street. Hiroki, that idol, brings her to the secret dormitory for idols, Cloud Reveur, and tells the MC that she is the new matron before telling the other dorm residents that she is his lover and fiance

What I think of him: Hiroki’s public persona is being the caring brother figure, but in private he is very bossy, dominate, and forceful. He’s a rule maker, likes to be the boss, and hates to be pushed around. That works out well since he owns the dormitory, so he can do as he pleases and has a measure of control over the others. And despite everything he still has a knack of taking care of others. Hiroki is a very busy man, and because he wants to achieve both of his dreams, he lives not a double life, but a triple life

Nickname: Hiro

Charm point: He’s going to take care of you, no matter what you say

Quote: “Today, you get special service. I’ll pamper you as much as you want, so be quiet.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get a pat on the head, probably after waiting up for him

Would have eloped with: 

  • Sota, because the twins were funny, adorable, and very comforting

Favorite moments: 

  • The drinking party with Hiroki and Tetsuya, with Hiroki being all “I’m always nice” and the MC and Tetsuya both responding “…”
  • The MC telling the twins that it is Hiroki’s fault that she is late on starting breakfast and the twins misinterpreting it in the obvious way
  • The twins telling Hiroki that they’re hitting on the MC because she seems sad and he doesn’t come back enough to give her attention
  • Hiroki’s plan to stop Ayazaki’s scheme

Worst moments: 

  • Hiroki was upset that the MC told Ayazaki and Ueshima(?) that she and he were just staff and idol. What else was she supposed to do? Just a scene ago he was warning her that A might be a crazy person who would do something if she found out that the MC was his “girlfriend”. Additionally, because he was upset he didn’t help the MC out when she was trying to avoid give A her contact information. Nice way to look after your girl, jerk
  • Towards the end, if you play without using tickets, you’ll get caught for three or four days getting caught by the same cliff-hanger as the MC tries to get to Hiroki’s live broadcast
  • Ayazaki basically got away with everything (even almost getting the MC assaulted) with absolutely no consequences

Worth the price of admission?: I enjoyed this. Not only is a game like Idol Dormitory one of the easiest free-to-play games, but I like popstar stories, and this plot actually had a red-herring moment where I was a little surprised. I enjoyed Hiroki himself, much more than I thought I would going in, and it is probably because no matter how arrogant he seems it is very obvious that he cares about the MC and has the impulse to take care of her (while teasing her all the while). It’s a good route in a good game

Recommended routes: 


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