Akito Kurosaki


Plot Summary: The night after being assaulted by Kennsuke, the MC wakes up in bed with a stranger. The MC escapes as quickly as she can, but she doesn’t expect to see him at her work. Akito, the owner of a company, wants to do a project with the MC’s company, but the MC’s boss tells Akito that they will only accept the project if the MC agrees. After a short attempt to charm the MC fails, Akito delivers an ultimatum. If the MC doesn’t accept the project, he will spread around the sexy photo he took of her during their night together

What I think of him: Akito is a man with two faces. He can be very charming and since he is also rich and good looking, this side of him is like a woman’s dream. He is very cunning and is (obviously) not above using underhanded means to achieve his goals. He is deeply grateful and caring of the few being close to him (which numbers two people not including the MC). He is the sort of guy who keeps everything bottled up, to the point that he may not even recognize his own deepest troubles. But he is definitely deeply troubled and this is reflected in the cold/cruel treatment he gives others at times. While he seems to have everything going for him, Akito doesn’t see things that way at all and views himself as a very lonely and unhappy person

Nickname: None

Charm point: He’s really easy on the eyes

Quote: “I can’t control my own emotions when I am with you. I wanna be kind but I will end up hurting you… it’s only natural that you think I’m cruel.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Comfort each other from the the brutal realities of life

Would have eloped with: 

  • Kaoru, because he is so worried for the MC
  • Ryoji, because he has such a not subtle crush

Favorite moments: 

  • The brief moment where the MC was like, “spread the pictures, I’ll quit after this job is finished”
  • Akito’s set down for Hina
  • Nikado comforting the MC after he saves her and telling her not to worry about being over at Akito’s condo because she is his guest
  • The MC telling Akito that he’s just feeling sorry for himself
  • A least Akito realizes his own flaws?

Worst moments: 

  • Hina’s berating the MC when it becomes clear that the MC and Akito are somehow involved
  • Akito assuming that Nikado was doing something to the MC when he sees the MC at his home (out of all people, Akito at least knows that Nikado is on his side)
  • I don’t feel like Akito’s backstory actually explains why he acts like he does. It does explain why he is a dysfunctional human being. Also they lost some things, like Akito loosing his sense of taste; that was super interesting, but it went no where
  • This route failed to explain a couple of important details like: what does the MC’s company do, what does Akito’s company do?

Worth the price of admission?: I don’t recommend this route. While it is really easily to play through (because the game is easily to play through), and I was always ready to know what happened next; I was never really happy to play, and by the end I was so glad that it was over so I could just move onto something else. As to whether Akito could be salvaged as a character, but he doesn’t really shine through in this story and there is a disconnect between his backstory which he claims is the reason for his action and his actions themselves. I would say he would do well in a completely different story but…

(SPOILER ALERT for the following paragraph)
I think he’s scume. And the moment that broke everything for me is near the end when Akito is explaining what happened that first night and he tells the MC that he intended to sleep with her the first night but that she was so pitiful that he couldn’t bring himself to do it, so he just took a sexy picture of her because he knew who she was and intended to blackmail her. I always figured that the MC and Akito didn’t sleep together that first night because this is an otoge and that’s just how it generally is. But the truth was even worse for me, and the difference for me is intentionality. Akito knew who the MC was, he knew that he was going to blackmail her, and he was still going to have sex with her when she wasn’t isn’t the right frame of mind to give consent (that would have been rape, pure and simple). And all this dropped Akito down to scum level for me

Recommended routes: 


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