Kyoichi Kunishiro


Plot Summary: The MC has been in Tokyo for three months living above Long Island and after spectacularly failing at an interview she meets Kyoichi, a friend of the Long Island boys who has been living abroad. Kyoichi offers the MC a job, which she gladly accepts, but soon she finds herself dolled up and being introduced to his family as Kyoichi’s wife?! Kyoichi doesn’t seem to have any intention of explaining things to the MC, and all he says is that she must honor the contract she signed and pretend to be his wife for a month. And so begin the MC’s heart-pounding days at Kyoichi’s condo

What I think of him: Kyoichi presents a cool face usually although he has also been known to give a sadistic looking smile. He’s very rational, methodical, and maybe a little set in his ways. He was a very serious child and that has followed him into adulthood, and he frequently brings his work home with him. He’s actually a very empathetic guy with a bit of a soft spot  for cute things and sweets, and while he like’s to tease, his sadist side is very mild. Although he presents a very stern face, but he also has a mischievous side that frequently shows itself

Nickname: Kyon

Charm point: He gets embarrassed easily

Quote: “I thought I shouldn’t fall in love with you. But I kept thinking about you all the time. And before I knew it, I was madly in love with you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Drink coffee with marshmallows together

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments: 

  • Kyoichi getting embarrassed about his marshmallow hot chocolate
  • Making up a false dating history
  • The MC taking Kyoichi to Long Island when he’s feeling down and handing out wit the other guys
  • The MC messing with Kyoichi when he’s asleep
  • Kyoichi comforting the MC in the taxi after the party fiasco

Worst moments: 

  • I just don’t know about Kyoichi’s grandfather. He seems like a nice man, but he sits back and watches his daughter and grandson fight over an inheritance. He claims he’s happy that Kyoichi found someone, but he doesn’t step in when his relatives are bullying her at his own party. For someone that they are trying to make seem like a good man, he sure pulls some jerk moves
  • I can’t help but think that Kyoichi has one too many things going on (his father leaving, distrust of love, his mothers illness, and the inheritance issue). Also, for all they try to push his not believing in forever, he sure got over that pretty quickly and without much difficulty

Worth the price of admission?: I love Kyoichi. He has this catlike smile and he’s got the megane moe all sorts of covered. Plus I enjoy his serious personality contrasted with how easily he gets embarrassed. The route itself wasn’t anything special. The plot is pretty dramatic but it was in the background until something just needed to push the story along. Most of the route is spent in Kyoichi’s condo just watching the MC and Kyoichi interact, and honestly that was what I enjoyed most from this route; in fact they could have cut out the drama and made it completely slice-of-life and not only would I have been fine, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the change all the much. Still, Kyoichi is a great guy

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): 

  • Epilogue: Kyoichi buys the MC another dress and asks her to accompany him to a work party where he introduces her as his fiance. I enjoyed the opening scene at Long Island, but the rest of the epilogue was a bit bland
  • Sequel: Three months after getting together with Kyoichi and the MC is living in bliss with Kyoichi, especially since Kyoichi’s mother’s surgery was a success. However even though Kyoichi is introducing the MC to his colleagues as his fiance, he hasn’t actually proposed. To add to the MC’s worries, Kunihiko reminds the MC that Kyoichi is a rising diplomat and that it is very likely that he will soon get a post overseas. The MC wonders if she will be able to leave everything behind to follow Kyoichi and at the same time she feels like a distance is growing between them. There are sort of two arcs to this sequel, the communication arc in the beginning which feeds into the possible transfer abroad arc. They don’t really interweave but the transition is fairly smooth. There was a lot of mistakes on both sides that the MC and Kyoichi had to learn from. Also Kyoichi is somehow the guy that pushes down the MC the most (sexually) and in the good end they have sex in an alley way… Speaking of, the ending felt really rushed, and some conflict was brought up in the ending chapter which wasn’t truly resolved. When I got the end card I was like “is that it?”. But if you like Kyoichi then you will likely enjoy this route, especially since he becomes super sweet once the communication issue is settled
  • Sequel Epilogue: Kyoichi gets his do-over but not before the MC has her turn. This was really sweet and super cute. I liked it much better than the previous epilogue because it definitely has more of Kyoichi’s style
  • Season Two Main Story: Mr. Iga, the diplomat who inspired Kyoichi, is visiting Japan and he asks Kyoichi to host his grandson for a couple of days. J is an energetic little boy who loves ninjas, but the MC is worried that Kyoichi, who self-admittedly can’t handle children, and J won’t get along. The beginning of this is pretty rocking since I really didn’t see how Kyoichi was going to be able to grow to like kids, but by the end I was just “aww”ing over how adorable Kyoichi was being. There is one particular scene with the second to the last CG which was both super funny but also so adorable because of the thought behind it
  • Season Two Epilogue: After returning to Japan, the MC and Kyoichi receive a letter from J with some tickets to a hotspring inn. This epilogue had a couple of shining moments sandwiched by what felt like a lot of average filler

Notable substories: 

Recommended routes: 


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