Plot Summary: The MC picks Yuzuki as her partner and she finds him a gentle and kind instructor. However, it doesn’t take long for the MC to figure out that there is a lot more to Yuzuki than there seems. As she begins to understand a little more about him, Yuzuki suddenly announces to his family that he isn’t interested in women and that he loves the MC, who he thinks is a man

What I think of him: Yuzuki is a man with two distinct sides to him. He can be demure, gentle, and kind. He never puts himself first, but he puts others first not because he cares for them but because he feels that it is his duty. The other part of Yuzuki is controlled by his overwhelming disgust for women. He compulsively wipes himself off after coming into contact with women

Nickname: None

Charm point: He wants to pamper the MC and keep her all to himself

Quote: “I mean that your gender does not matter to me. I love you, the person.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Eat sweets together, ones that you gifted to each other

Would have eloped with:

  • Makoto, because he is a sweetheart, even if he’s trying to hide it

Favorite moments: 

  • How the MC immediately steps up to help Yuzuki when he is being cornered into dressing as a women despite the fact that she worries that it might give away her disguise
  • How the MC decides to tell Yuzuki the truth, even though it might ruin things, since she wants to be honest with him after he tells her that he loves her
  • The MC’s determination to tell Makoto the truth about herself, and Yuzuki’s wanting her to keep it a secret, even though they haven’t made up yet
  • I love how Yuzuki’s brothers treat Yuzuki and the MC towards the end and going into the Sweet Ending

Worst moments: 

  • Why does Yuzuki get stuck with all the killing women assignments? While it isn’t well known that he hates women, I think someone as discerning as Makoto would easily pick up on it. Additionally, in this route Makoto is shown to be very caring about the vigilante members so I don’t think he would do anything that would aggravate Yuzuki’s hatred by showing him the worst women in Nagasaki
  • Yuzuki being jealous even though he claims to hate the MC

Worth the price of admission?: I was looking forward to Yuzuki’s route since I love Sion so much and Yuzuki shares some superficial similarities. Solmare did a great job in taking what they were reusing and making a very different character. I think the route had a lot of potential, and there were certainly great moments, but overall it felt a little hollow. Maybe it was how easy Yuzuki fell for the MC and then I never really felt the threat of them not ending up together after the MC tells Yuzuki the truth about herself. Maybe it’s that I can’t equate the Yuzuki who meekly takes everything that he’s given and doesn’t believe anyone really loves him with the Yuzuki who insistently pushes affection on the MC. He acts like the MC was the only one to see the real him and like him but even if you ignore his elder brothers who seem to dote on him, there are still Soji and Aoi who not only know about his women-hating, but seem to treasure him as a pupil. It’s still a good route, but it doesn’t really fill my heart and make me sigh at how great it is when the route it over (and I did for Eduard’s route so I know this game can do it)


Recommended routes: 


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