Hiroshi Kirisawa


Plot Summary: It’s three months after the MC joins the 2nd Unit and they have a new case involving bringing down a drug ring. But what should have been a straightforward investigation becomes convoluted and troublesome when it seems that the drug ring might be connected to someone high up in the PD. And if that weren’t enough, the MC thinks she’s falling in love with Kirisawa, someone straitlaced enough that she doesn’t think that he would consider dating someone working for him

What I think of him: Kirisawa is the immortal boss of the 2nd Unit despite only being a lieutenant and 29 years-old. He’s a pretty open and relaxed boss and he let’s his officers do whatever they need to do to solve their cases, but when the higher-up crack down on the 2nd Unit, he’s always the one who steps in to take the blame. He’s actually pretty straitlaced when it comes to ideas about justice and what it means to be the boss of a unit and he can be strict when he needs to be although he is generally easygoing. Kirisawa is a dependable and charismatic leader, but he also has his wild side and he used to (inadvertently) lead a bike gang in his youth. Although he’s a sharp detective, Kirisawa is clueless about romance (or maybe it is just that he doesn’t care enough to pay attention) and he doesn’t tend to notice that all the girls look at him with hearts in their eyes

Nickname: Leader, Boss

Charm point: He’s adorably dense

Quote: “There’s no one as soft and little and perfect as you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle in bed, probably talking about work

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments: 

  • The MC keeping her freaking out “strictly internal”
  • The amusement park date
  • The yellow pain incident and aftermath
  • Kirisawa grabbing the MC while she’s sleeping and proceeding to freak out after he wakes up and realizes what he’s done

Worst moments: No complaints, this route is damn near perfect

Worth the price of admission?: Yes! Kirisawa is one of my favorite guys in all of otoge, and I will always recommend him. Kirisawa covers a lot of bases: he’s rugged and manly, but he’s always adorable, and he so nice to the MC but he can still act tough as her boss. I think Kirisawa is far and away the stand out route of the game, and I am sort of amazed that all of his routes are consistently good

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): 

  • Epilogue: The 2nd Unit boys conspire to give the MC and Kirisawa some alone time and the two of them end up meeting members of Kirisawa’s former gang. This was a nice epilogue. Kirisawa is built up so much throughout the main route and this epilogue demonstrates that the MC really understands him, and also shows she’s someone who will grow to match his awesomeness
  • Sequel: Things are progressing well between Kirisawa and the MC and it looks like e might propose any day, but then some MPD officers are infected in a bio-terrorist attack and the MC might also be infected. And when the 2nd Unit is taken off the case and Kirisawa decides to go against orders to work it anyways, the MC puts her own badge on the line to investigate with him. This is probably my favorite Kirisawa route. It’s got a lot of great action and romance. I love the shorter routes like this and Armed and Engaged since everything happens so quickly and I don’t get caught in the stress of the case getting drawn out
  • Armed and Engaged: A couple months after the last big case and it seems that there is a serial killer targeting cops on the loose. A special investigation unit is formed and Kirisawa is put in charge of leading it. Despite the multitude of random question marks that randomly show up in the middle of the text, this is also a really good route. When you read this route it feels like the MC has really grown closer to Kirisawa’s level. At this point she’s able to see beyond his invincible boss facade (and he trusts her enough to let her see) and she is able to support him and keep him grounded when he’s threatening to break. This route also brings up the necessary topic of the possibility of one of them dying in the line of duty
  • NY: The 2nd Unit heads over to New York to work on the case of a copy-cat police killer. But during a dangerous encounter, the MC is faced with the possibility of having to live on without Kirisawa. This picks up on the topic of possible death from the previous route where it was a little to pat. This route really runs with it and it is so sad and beautiful at the same time. All the heartbreak could have been avoided if Kirisawa had just not given out a half-fact and the wrap up for the case was super quick, but still a very emotional route

Notable substories: 

  • A Steamy Incident: When the 2nd Unit wins a bowling tournament, but they only win four tickets to a hotspring. Everyone bets the tickets on a game of rock-paper-scissors. The MC wins one of the four tickets but then loses it. While having to stay behind, the MC watches as Kirisawa works himself into the ground between his 2nd Unit duties and leading a special investigation, and she tries to find a way some way to support him. This feels like a very really problem that the MC and Kirisawa would have, especially early in their relationship, and it was pretty sweet
  • Agent in Disguise: Kirisawa and the MC go undercover as a pilot and stewardess in order to deliver a ransom in a kidnapping case. Only one thing to say: Kirisawa in cosplay. Think about that
  • Day and Night – Kirisawa: Just an ordinary day of happiness for the MC spent with Kirisawa. There are six endings (all easily and obviously attainable) and it is all just really cute
  • Stardust Romance – Kirisawa: In the Meiji Era the MC is a criminal stealing from the corrupt official and the one who stands in her way is the lawman, Kirishima (Kirisawa). I both adore this and hate this (because it makes me cry). Give it a read, but be sure to save something happy to read after it (I recommend the “Day and Night” substory)

Recommended routes: 


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