Masamune Date


Plot Summary: While wandering out on the town the MC meets Toji again and begins to grow more and more fond of him every time she encounters him. She later learns, much to her surprise, that Toji is actually Lord Masasmune Date, and she begins to wonder if being with him will fulfill Nagi’s requirements

What I think of him: Masamune is an intelligent man who is a little too clever for his own good. He is good at finding ways to speak his mind, even when it is dangerous for him to do so. He tends to keep a low profile and he enjoys wandering about the town in disguise. He is seduced by the MC’s body heat

Nickname: Toji

Charm point: He was the only man who wasn’t first charmed by the MC and Nagi’s dance

Quote: “You’ve captured me so much that I can’t go back anymore.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, hotly and deeply

Would have eloped with: No one, everyone else is so rapey

Favorite moments:

  • Masamune liking the MC before seeing her dance
  • Masmaune and the MC dancing together for Nobunaga
  • Masamune watching out for the MC even when he thought she was playing with him
  • Woooh the Love Blossom ending was sexy

Worst moments:

  • So many rapey moments, and with all the guys too, including Masamune
  • Hideyoshi and Masamune’s argument when Masamune and the MC were practicing dancing, went completely over my head
  • What is Nagi even trying to accomplish? He tells the MC to got find the future ruler and to be with him, then he sabotages them, then he gets mad when they make up, but then he suddenly forgives them and helps them

Worth the price of admission?: This is a good route if you want something smuttier than Solmare has been putting out recently. Masamune is the only one of the guys who wasn’t around for the MC’s initial performance for Nobunaga and that makes his attraction to the MC feel more about her than about Nagi inhabiting her. I think Masamune is by far the best choice of the suitors coming out of the prologue. I had some huge issues with the route, but they were problems with the game rather than problems with this route in specific (like the high checkpoint barriers and the MC’s ridig formality). Still, I would say this is a good pick if you want the otoge equivalent to a trashy romance novel

Recommended routes:


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