Plot Summary: The MC chooses Fuyukiku as her partner and Ran, Rindoh, and Kaito become their entourage. As the MC spends more time with Fuyukiku she begins to notice that he rarely shows how he really feels and almost never smiles for real. Then the MC and Fuyukiku learn secrets about the other that not only bring them closer together, but threaten to isolate them from their friends

What I think of him: Fuyukiku is gentle and reserved.  Although he is younger than Ran, he is the one who acts as the more mature and calming influence on his impetuous brother. Although he seems very friendly, but Fuyukiku is actually very untrusting and closed off. He is used to being used and lied to, and although he puts up with it, he actually hates his village and their long standing traditions

Nickname: God Child

Charm point: He doesn’t know if it’s love, but he wants you all to himself

Quote: “I’m so glad that the person I love is you. Thank you… for everything.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Go off to a field of light flowers, alone

Would have eloped with: 

  • Ran, because he adores both his brother and the MC so much

Favorite moments: 

  • Fuyukiku helping the MC drink water and everyone else freaking out
  • Fuyukiku helping the MC recover her energy
  • I like Orochi in this, more than I like any of the other village guardians in the other routes
  • “This is what it means, to want to devour you…” and basically all the stuff about Fuyukiku having to devour the MC
  • I like the the ancestor reveal

Worst moments: 

  • The MC knew that isolating herself with Fuyukiku was a really bad idea. Why did she go through with it? And what was the point of her going through with the isolation if she was only going to halfheartedly question it later. Actually the MC sort of feels like she isn’t really present but just goes along with anything at this point in the route
  • I’m not buying the “I don’t know if this feeling is love” thing Fuyukiku, and I also don’t buy him saying that he fell in love with the MC when she chose him as her partner. It was either that Fuyukiku was in love with her before the game started, or that he fell for her when she began to see past his fake smile
  • The way the curse broke was cheap

Worth the price of admission?: Solmare sure knows how to keep this game fresh when they have such a straightforward plot and so many characters. In previous routes the MC accepts her fate pretty quickly and fully intends to die if they can’t find a way to end the curse. Fuyukiku’s route was the first time when the MC’s “selfish” desire to live actually became a thing that she could hear among the villager’s negative emotions. Additionally, instead of helping shore up each other’s weaknesses, Fuyukiku and the MC actually make each other worse until their friends snap them out of it. Their relationship was really going down an unhealthy path, and I don’t really believe the quick turnaround Fuyukiku had, but it was something different and I also loved the conflict between Fuyukiku and Ran (although I am totally on Ran’s side). While I think the route itself is pretty interesting I’m not sure how I feel about Fuyukiku himself, or rather I’m not sure that the the relationship with the MC is love on her part so much as that she can’t leave him alone. So while I’d recommend the route, it probably won’t be your favorite route in this game

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): 

  • Epilogue: The MC and Fuyukiku return to his room after their visit to the field of light flowers, and Fuyukiku gets a little amorous. As with all of these epilogues, this should have just been added to the end of the Happy Ending, but it was good although anticlimactic

Recommended routes: 


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