Plot Summary: The MC encounters Seiryu while exploring the heavens and is enraged by the way that Seiryu looks down at her. She wants to get back at him or ahead of him, but in the end makes a promise to never stop chasing after him until she makes him smile. That promise manifests itself as a mark like a ring on her ring-finger and symbolizes their bond

What I think of him: Seiryu is the severe Sacred Beast of Air. He is probably the strongest of the Sacred Beasts and he is closer to Tsukiyomi than he is to anyone else. Seiryu acts as the mature force in the group and usually (forcefully) puts an end to the antics of the others (usually Suzaku and Byakko). He believes that the weak will remain weak and must depend on the strong. He has been wallowing in a pit of darkness for nearly two decades since he lost someone who was important to him

Nickname: None

Charm point: He promised to stay with the MC eternally

Quote: “I promised a stubborn girl that I would protect her with my life, and always be with her.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Make a promise, marked on your ring-finger

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments: 

  • Seiryu telling Byakko and Suzaku that their promise is to be together forever and the MC trying to keep everyone from misinterpreting
  • The vision of the the MC’s past

Worst moments: 

  • The promise to make Seiryu smile comes out of no where. Prior to the promise, the MC seems to have no good feelings about Seiryu and only expresses so sympathy for his loss
  • All the emphasis on not telling the MC about her past. You didn’t have to draw so much attention to your refusing to do something

Worth the price of admission?: Pretty much the only thing that stuck with me out of this route was the promise mark. That could be considered both a good and a bad thing, since nothing particularly wowed me but I didn’t strongly hate anything either. Maybe it’s just that I can’t really see the MC and Seiryu ending up together, at least not in this route as it is. This route did very kindly fill us in on the MC’s past a little more, although it was just putting on more fine details on what we knew already. I was expecting to learn more about her father since I was progressively getting more information about that as I played through the different routes; unfortunately I only got a repeat of what I learned from Byakko’s route, along with a lot of BS about how no one was supposed to tell the MC anything about her parents.

I would say this route is better than Genbu’s (based off the route not the guy), but far beneath Suzaku and Byakko’s routes. Give it a free read if you’d like, but there are better ways to spend your time

Recommended routes: 


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