Mystical Butterfly

mystical butterfly

Game is no longer available

Company: Koyonplete

Cost: Free-to-play, Pay per Route, or Pay for game

Synopsis: The MC, a half youkai who has led a solitary life, is brought to the realm of the kami. Feeling unwelcome, she decides to escape back tot he mortal realm. After saving a young kitsune boy, the MC decides that she doesn’t have it in her to give up and decides that she will make a place for herself amongst the kami. At that moment, the four Sacred Beasts come to bring her back to the realm of the kami, and the MC vows to make one of them her partner

MC: The MC had no parents to raise her and the man who took care of her until she was four abandoned her. Because she is a half breed, the MC was unwelcome and looked down upon by both humans and youkai. She determined that she didn’t need other people and that she would become strong enough to take care of herself and would one day become a full youkai.

The MC is rude and brash and always tries to show her tough side. Even though she claims to have no interest in anyone else, sometimes she can’t help but get involved with the troubles of others

You can find my walkthrough for the joint app HERE


  • Byakko: The fun-loving Sacred Bear of Earth. He lives life to the fullest by teasing others with their weaknesses
  • Genbu: The distant Sacred Beast of Water. He is well known for being not remembering the names of others
  • Seiryu: The cold Sacred Beast of the Sky and Wind. He is harsh but there is a look of loneliness and tragedy in his eyes
  • Suzaku: The fiery Sacred Beast of Fire. He a fierce warrior and protective of those around him

Impressions: The graphics are okay, but they aren’t anything special and at times the anatomy can get a little wonky. The answer choices are so very random and getting to your desired ending is a matter of guessing more than anything else. Except for one choice in each route, all the choices you make are what weapon you will be using to fight. It’s annoying.

The routes leave a lot of important information out, and it feels like several scenes were deleted from each route, especially Genbu’s route. In some sense it feels more like you are reading through a very through outline rather than a finished route. Additionally, the routes are very formulaic and after you read two routes you can see what is coming in the rest of the routes. The only positive thing about this formulaic nature is how each route (except Seiryu) has a group CG where the guys are doing something silly. It was a high point for each route. This game puts a lot more emphasis on the MC and her story than many other otoge I’ve read and a small portion of the CG afeature her as the starring element.

Suzaku and Byakko’s routes were better than Seiryu and Genbu’s; Genbu was unfortunately the bottom of the barrel. The CG are fairly plentiful and to get them all you need to read all the Happy and Bad Ends as well as Byakko’s Normal End. Each route has 3 endings, but the Normal and Bad Ends feel just slightly less good than the Happy End and not like bad endings at all.

Overall, this is an early Koyonplete game and it really shows. I definitly don’t recommend this game for purchase but Suzaku and Byakko’s routes are fine for a free read so long as you aren’t holding them to the Voltage/Solmare/Cybird FTP standard

Favorite Guy: Suzaku

Favorite Route: Byakko

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