Plot Summary: The MC finds herself dragged out to a haunted forest by Byakko. He finds out that she is afraid of ghosts and teases her endlessly. The MC swears that she will discover Byakko’s weakness and turn the tables on him

What I think of him: Byakko is the Sacred Beast of Earth and is a free-living guy. He is a guy who pursues his desire and does what ever he pleases, living his life as though it could end at any moment. He tends to have fun messing around with people using their weaknesses, and this causes many people to run away as soon as they know he’s coming. When his power goes out of control, the concern is not what destruction he will wreck, but the fact that he becomes a huge womanizer. He’s a great warrior, on par with Suzaku, and the only person he respects enough to halt his antics is Tsukiyomi

Nickname: White Tiger

Charm point: He wants to be the master of your heart

Quote: “You are being very stubborn, but I like it.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Chase him around only to end up getting chased

Would have eloped with: Tsukiyomi No one

Favorite moments: 

  • Byakko’s blushing when the MC is naked in his room
  • How when Byakko loses control it’s not that he is in danger of becoming a fallen god, but that he becomes a huge pervert (and Ookami saying that he’s not worried about that part since he seems to have already found a target, meaning the MC)
  • Byakko, Suzaku, and Genbu sucking at dancing
  • The MC is sort of a badass and collects her own followers this time around

Worst moments: 

  • Byakko liked the MC-nekomata, even before he knew it was the MC, but he automatically hates the nekomata that he and the others are tracking down later, even when that second nekomata says that he’ll be a good demon and that he just wants to be free
  • This route felt a little silly in comparison to the other routes. The escaped demons feel a lot less threatening (only one out of three was actually bad) and the route also felt super light on the romance

Worth the price of admission?: I like this route. It is definitely more about the MC’s story than her romance with Byakko, but I enjoyed how the MC grew. Tsukiyomi was an excellent addition to the cast and he felt like much more of a present character than Amaterasu does in any of the routes. I do wish their was a little more romance, but at least you can tell that Byakko is fond of the MC from the start and there isn’t the lack of explanation for how his feelings change (like Genbu’s route). I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for purchasing, but it’s a good read for free

Recommended routes: 


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