Nobunaga Oda


Plot Summary: The MC is sent to be Nobunaga’s poison taster. Nobunaga is an intimidating presence, but the MC finds herself becoming fast friends with Nobunaga’s sister, Oichi, who soon discovers her secret. The MC quickly adjusts to her new life and becomes Nobunaga’s official dessert maker. But when her gender is revealed, Nobunaga tells her to become his mistress

What I think of him: Nobunaga is an authoritative (maybe bording on dictator-like) man who knows what needs to be done and doesn’t mind becoming a villain if it is the most expedient way to get what he wants. He’s a man of refined tastes, but he’s a little rough around the edges. He cherishes his family, but isn’t above using them to obtain his ends. He’s a man with a violent temper so nearly everyone is afraid to cross him, but he is also a great leader and several brilliant men have sworn themselves to him. Nobunaga’s mind works in ways that not everyone can understand, but his plans are very sound and surprisingly effective. He’s a man who will always follow through on his word and he will see things through no matter how brutal. Nobunaga is also a man who puts on a fear-inducing facade and, because he knows well the sting of betrayal, doesn’t really have anyone to show weakness to

Nickname: Devil’s Hand, Fool of Owari, Lord of Hell

Charm point: He can take on the world if he has your support

Quote: “When I tell you to be ready… I’m telling you that I am going to take you to my bed… and make love to you until you hate me for what I do to you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Resist being pushed down, because he’ll press but likes to come against resistance

Would have eloped with: 

  • Mitsuhide, because he is always around to give the MC the push she needs

Favorite moments: 

  • After his first proposition, the MC telling Nobunaga that she would rather die than have to live with the shame of being a mistress
  • When Nobunaga tells the MC that he needs her (sexually) and the MC says “W-we could just hold hands”
  • Ranmaru saying that he’s glad that Nobunaga and the MC get along so well while they are bickering
  • Nobunaga calling the MC “precious girl”
  • All the heart-to-heart moments where Nobunaga exposes his weak side and tells the MC how he’s really feeling

Worst moments: 

  • Oichi keeps disappearing. I wouldn’t normally mind something like this except that she keeps popping up only to disappear again
  • The MC decides that she’s going to believe in Nobunaga, forgets at the nearest trial, and then remembers “oh yeah, I said I was going to believe in him”
  • I always hate it when guys make the decision to break up with the MC because it’s what is “best” for her and do so while pretending to be a dick while not telling her what he’s doing
  • The main conflict between the MC and Nobunaga could have been easily resolved, especially towards the end. All Nobunaga had to do was tell the MC that he wasn’t going to make her his mistress, but was going to marry her

Worth the price of admission?: I find Nobunaga interesting because he actually doesn’t change much, the MC just comes to learn more about him and understand him better. I think I actually like Nobunaga and his complexities more than I like his route itself. The route just seemed spread a little too thick with subplots: there’s the mistress subplot, the sibling subplot, the Nobunaga being demonized subplot. I like them all individually (although I simultaneously like and hate the mistress subplot), but it’s a little too much all together and in such a short route. Something this route did have going for it is that the MC is pretty good and her chemistry with Nobunaga is great. After a while the MC isn’t afraid to talk back to Nobunaga and she is actually a great and necessary support for him. So overall verdict? It’s a decent route. There are a lot of interesting and really good things, but it somehow just fails to come together to make a really great route

Recommended routes: 


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