Plot Summary: The MC is beginning to adjust to her life in Niflheim when she meets Leo. Leo is the King of the neighboring kingdom, Muselpheim and he is visiting in order to find himself a bride. As the MC tries to help Leo find a bride she finds herself becoming closer to Leo despite the fact that she’s Jean’s fiance. But before the MC and Leo can settle their feelings, it seems like someone intends to overthrow Jean and take the throne of Niflheim for themself

What I think of him: Leo is a wild warrior King. If Niflheim is the country of night, Muselpheim’s the country of the sun and Leo is an appropriate king. He’s got a fiery temper and is all sorts of brash, but he’s got good intentions. His country is known for its warriors and Leo, as their leader, is good to have on your side in a fight. Leo is good friends with Jean and they have a lively rivalry going on. Leo is surprisingly pure and inexperienced in the relationship department and he wants a feisty and strong woman. Leo adores his best buddy, Surt the fire wolf, and hates the cold

Nickname: None

Charm point: He adores Surt

Quote: “I always thought that I was fine on my own so long as I had Surt. But now I want you too.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Go for a walk with Surt, maybe taking a break for a kiss

Would have eloped with:

  • Jean, because if I can ignore his refusal to disband his harem (it too hard), he’s actually a good guy

Favorite moments: 

  • Leo telling Jean that he needs to disband his harem for the MC
  • The MC and Leo’s practice date (and Leo’s date plan)
  • The MC actually having a role in the Beltran incident besides being a damsel in distress
  • The MC being the only one who can snap Leo out of his beserker rage
  • I love Leo’s backstory

Worst moments: 

  • Leo’s first impression is pretty terrible and it’s a little strange because he doesn’t come off harsh at all except for when he first encounters the MC
  • It’s emphasized several times throughout the route that Leo is from another country and that he is the actual ruler of that other country, so how does it never occur to the MC before the end that if she gets with Leo she’ll have to leave Niflheim. Actually, the bigger issue might be that they made her so sad about leaving Niflheim in the first place, because it really wasn’t necessary

Worth the price of admission?: I really like Leo and his route is pretty good too. It’s a very positive route since Leo likes feisty women and the MC gets to fill that role. This route also manages to balance two different plots, the finding Leo a fiance plot which is played mostly for laughs and the Beltran plot which is more serious, and it actually does a good job of weaving them around each other so there isn’t a harsh transition when you switch between plot points. I think that Leo’s route is actually a good follow up to Jean’s route because it continues some of the themes in that route, and I sort of think of it as what would have happened if Jean refused to disband his harem in his route (even though this route isn’t that at all). It’s a great route, do give it a try if you like this game

Recommended routes: 


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