Ieyasu Tokugawa


Plot Summary: The MC ends up as Ieyasu’s poison taster, and seeing how sadistic and brutal Ieyasu is, she can’t help but be glad that she took her brother’s place even as she believes that she won’t live long enough to be reunited with her family. Some interference by Hideyoshi gets the MC a promotion to Ieyasu’s cook, which affords her some safety even after her identity is revealed. The MC can’t bring herself to approve of Ieyasu’s brutal ways, but the longer she is forced to work for him the more obvious it is to the MC that Ieyasu’s attitude is the result of his refusal to trust anyone around him

What I think of him: Ieyasu is a dick. He treats people like trash and only sees their value in relation to what they can do for him. To be fair, he doesn’t view himself as special and believes that people only see him in terms of his use to them. He’s intolerant and lacks the ability to trust people since he is sure that he will be betrayed, and so he preemptively gets rid of people before he can be betrayed. Those at his level or beneath him know him for his ruthlessness, while others (Nobunaga and Inuchiyo) think of him as an intelligent and sunny guy. He’s good at playing whatever role he needs to play since he’s a intelligent man. Ieyasu is the sort of guy who would physically cut off his own weaknesses if it were possible. His true character is a little immature and he especially hates letting anyone get the best of him even if it’s in a little way

Nickname: Archer of Tokai

Charm point: Does he even have one?

Quote: “You still don’t get it do you. The only one who is allowed to win this tournament, take you home, and do as I like with you… is me. And you… the only one you ever cheer for… is me.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Work, in his room, together but doing your own things

Would have eloped with: 

  • Hideyoshi, because he seriously saved the MC’s butt
  • Mitsunari, because he calls the MC “Manju Girl”
  • (Anyone really, someone save me!)

Favorite moments: 

  • Toramatsu is a sweetheart and his crush on the MC is adorable. The MC should have run off with him
  • Tadasugu forcing Ieyasu to go to town with the MC and telling the MC to treat him as a petulant merchant’s son
  • Tadakatsu telling Yasumasa how Ieyasu got everyone to agree to save him (and the MC)
  • Ieyasu freaking out about the book Tadasugu gave him about how to romance women
  • The MC telling Ieyasu off in the Epilogue (points to be deducted because of her apology)
  • I like that the MC does see Ieyasu as a monster at first (because he is) and that there is a distinctive point where she begins to see that he is an actual person who has reasons (unacceptable as they are) for acting the way he does

Worst moments: 

  • Voltage was trying to be cute and broke the fourth wall a little in the seventh chapter and said “but this is only the seventh chapter”. No. This was already the seventh chapter and I needed something redeemable about Ieyasu much sooner
  • The MC thinking that it’s okay if Ieyasu strangles her to death, because at least then he’ll know that she was always loyal to him
  • The MC apologizing for calling Ieyasu out. She was in the right so Ieyasu should have manned up and apologized himself, especially since he basically called the MC a slut when all she did was sit and talk to Hideyoshi, Mitsunari, Inuchiyo, and Katsuie at a banquet for a couple of minutes

Worth the price of admission?: This route is hard. Ieyasu is verbally abusive (at the least) to everyone around him and this causes his people to be people living in fear of speaking against him or sadist, who also prey on those weaker than them (the exceptions being Tadakatsu who is a super masochist, Tadasugu who is completely devoted to Ieyasu, and maybe Hanzo, who isn’t around long enough to be figured out). People legitimately die because someone cast suspicion on them and Ieyasu isn’t having any of that. Since he hates the MC in the beginning, you can notice that he likes her in the end. It is true that he tries to change, and while I think he’s somewhat successful with his retainers, he isn’t so much with the MC. In the Epilogue, Ieyasu basically proves that he would rather loose the MC than be the first one to bend in their relationship, and I honestly don’t think that this route is worth the aggravation of playing

Okay so the rest of this is just analyzing things and is gets a tiny bit spoilery, skip down to the recommendation segment if you’d rather. The one thing that I liked about Ieyasu’s route is having it as a point of comparison to the Ieyasu in Sakura Amidst Chaos, which is Voltage’s other game set in the Sengoku Jidai (although the games have different scopes so they are very different themselves). Since the two games are by the same company and  they have a lot of the same guys available to romance, there is a lot of overlap as you’d expect. Yukimura is a prime example of this, he has a similar personality in both games (a super strong warrior who is a little naive when it comes to women) but in SLBP he is more pro-Sanada while in SAC he’s more of a wandering hero. Ieyasu is completely different in each game. In SAC he’s an innocent puppy dog who is always trying to save everyone and ensure peace. In SLBP he’s an asshole who is determined to never be betrayed, so he cuts others off before they have the chance. His behavior originates in the same place. SAC Ieyasu is timid and hyper aware of everyone’s feelings because of his years as a hostage, while SLBP took this trauma and built up his figurative defenses so he would never have to feel so powerless again. So, yeah, I just think it’s interesting to think of these same, very different, guys

Recommended routes: 


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