Masamune Date (Love Legend of Sengoku)


Plot Summary: On her way back from visiting Takechiyo, the MC and Tadakatsu run across a man being assaulted by bandits on Mikawa land. They save the man, who calls himself Botenmaru and claims to be a chef who is wandering the lands to taste the flavors of the various regions. But shortly afterwards, the MC learns that Botenmaru is actually Masamune Date, the unifier of Oshu, and he has come to see if he must kill Takechiyo

What I think of him: Masamune is a man of cunning who wraps his true intentions beneath layers and layers of obfuscation. He doesn’t seem to be of extraordinary genius, but most of his actions are carefully plotted out. He is a man who has concealed all of his weaknesses and shows them to no one, and he is thus extremely good at lying. He’s a curious man, and that curiosity has led him to be a man who knows many things. He united Oshu and he is a very capable and compassionate lord. Masamune has a firm idea of what he wants for his lands and all of Japan and, after carefully laying out his plans, he is out to pursue them

Nickname: Botenmaru

Charm point: He’s (low-key) jealous of the MC’s affection for Takechiyo

Quote: “It’s because I’m a surprisingly jealous person Truthfully, I don’t want to let anyone else see how you look now.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be together, both bare of pretenses and completely yourselves

Would have eloped with:

  • Mitsuhide, because I can’t believe they killed him; sure that is how he dies, but to actually see it

Favorite moments:

  • I wasn’t ready for Mitsuhide to die but the MC confronting him for the final time was a good moment that raised a couple of goosebumps for me
  • The MC is awesome. She’s very composed and a good commander, who thinks seriously about the people of Japan and their needs. Several characters point out that she has a great ability to think into the future. Even though she is just a body double she is very capable in her own right and even when she’s feeling all girly about Masamune, it doesn’t affect her ability to get things done in this route (unlike in Mitsuhide’s route)
  • Takechiyo is also awesome. He is a doting big brother with a teeny bit of a sister complex (like how he’s a little mopey when he realizes that the MC has a crush on Masamune), but he has complete confidence in the MC and her decisions. He is also a bit mischievous as shown by his final prank on the MC. I was dying to see him and Masamune in the same room since the moment Takechiyo says that he would like to meet Masamune and everyone else objects to the thought
  • Yukimura was interesting, but at the very end they gave him some great depth. He feels a little out of place since I don’t really know who he is supposed to foil, but the scene in Sanada Ward was spot on and was, like the earlier scene with Mitsuhide, chilling
  • Masamune and the MC’s engagement and wedding. Masamune’s reactions to the MC and his audacity in getting her alone were sweet and the MC’s slight tsundere-ness made the whole thing a little brighter and lighter

Worst moments:

  • The whole bit with the MC trying to “assassinate” Masamune. I feel like if she really tried, it would get done somehow between the MC, Tadakatsu, and Hanzo. Maybe you can get around this by saying that the MC never really wanted to kill Masamune, but Tadakatsu was certainly gungho for it, and Hanzo only considers what is best for Takechiyo so they should have been all over it
  • Why didn’t the MC alert everyone about Yoshimoto immediately? Just that little bit of heads up could have prevented the later kidnapping incident

Worth the price of admission?: This route is good; although I thought it started off poorly, all the characters were great and the plot was entertaining. My favorite parts of the route were not the leading roles or the plot, but the small moments with Yukimura and Mitsuhide had that make this route seem a little deeper than I expected from this tiny free-to-play game. But even if those moments don’t do anything for you, I think Masamune, the MC, and their chemistry together is well worth giving this route a read

Recommended routes:


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