Plot Summary: The MC chooses Wesley as her partner, much to everyone’s surprise, because she feels bad for melting him during her previous journey through Oz. All the MC wants to do is to make things up to Wesley, but as she spends more time with him, the more the MC comes to see that Wesley is very different from who she though he was. And as they grow closer, they discover that the reason that she was brought back to Oz might not be as innocuous as it initially seemed

What I think of him: Wesley likes to act all mature and evil, but he’s actually full of weak points and is in fact a tsundere. He doesn’t seem intent on any major mischief since his arrive, but he doesn’t really intend to turn over a new leaf either. He doesn’t think that his past villain can be forgive and doesn’t intend to seek it out. Wesley is a prickly man, ever with a sharp word for everyone. He is also a lonely man, not only has he made himself a loner with his past action, but he has almost always been alone, and he intends to always be alone

Nickname: Wizard of the West

Charm point: He’s an adorably bashful tsundere

Quote: “You’ve got some really dodgy sides to you, so someone’s gotta be by your side… But don’t worry. ‘Cause that person’s gonna be me.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle, as his face turns red

Would have eloped with: 

  • The Great Oz, because in the end he’s really the only one who goes out of his way to be supportive

Favorite moments: 

  • Wesley escaping with the MC for a private date
  • The MC refusing to allow Wesley to return her to Quadling Castle and basically forcing him to let her stay
  • The MC, Oz, and the three Stooges searching for the lost person when their memory is gone
  • The MC telling Wesley that it’s like he gets cooler every time he’s revived and Wesley being like “I’d rather not go through that a third time”
  • The guys goofing off in the True Ending (Leonard throwing water on Wesley to see if he melts, Wesley “kicking” the other guys away when they start asking the MC out again)

Worst moments: 

  • Can’t the other guys just leave the MC and Wesley alone? Just when anything between the two leads gets started, the trio and Oz come storming in to ruing the mood
  • When Solomon tells the MC about what might happen to Wesley if he returns to her world with her, why doesn’t she tell Wesley? Why does she think that this is something that is up to her to decide?
  • In the True End CG, the MC looks like a child sitting in Wesley’s lap. It is not helped by Wesley telling her that he isn’t going to treat her like a child anymore and that he is going to show her how “grownups do love”

Worth the price of admission?: Wesley is pretty adorable and charming so I really enjoyed him. The plot had it’s moments, and I mostly enjoyed the middle segment between Wesley and the MC poofing to his secret home and Wesley’s second revival. I didn’t find the MC’s final conflict to be very interesting and her response to the conflict was baffling. Additionally, I felt the True End drew attention to something that I had avoided thinking about the whole way through, the fact that the MC is sixteen going on seventeen and that Wesley is much older and to some extent views her as a child throughout the route… I don’t generally mind an age difference, but at what point does a guy look at a girl who he knew and thought of as a child and say that he’s “going to show you how adults do love”? But if you can ignore that bit of squick, Wesley’s delightful

Recommended routes: 


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