Plot Summary: Captured by the hotel vampires, the MC wonders how she’s going to find the rose and return to being human on her own. Then, her childhood friend comes crashing through the window and whisks her out of her room. Even though Dominik hates vampires to his very core, he agrees to find a way for them to stay hidden in the hotel so they can stop the MC’s vampire transformation. It’s not long before Dominik reveals the only thing that can trump his hatred for vampires is his love for the MC

What I think of him: Dominik is a treasure. He has more brawn than brain, and he knows it too, but he always tries his best and is super dependable in a pinch. He used to be a soldier, but quit and became Humphrey’s apprentice, even though he lacks the talent, just so he could remain closer to the MC.  He is much better suited for his moonlighting as a vampire hunter with Jack and Daniel than being a wizard. His background made his hate vampires, and Dominik was looked down and hated by everyone until he met the MC. He has a huge crush on the MC and is always talking about her to Humphrey

Nickname: None

Charm point: He absolutely adores the MC and would do anything for her

Quote: “I love you more and more each day. Even as we speak, my heart’s racing fast just by sitting next to you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Push him down, because he treasures you too much to make the first move

Would have eloped with: 

  • Humphrey, because he’s super helpful with just a touch of mystery
  • Cedric, because he would totally steal you away if you weren’t Dominik’s girl

Favorite moments: 

  • Dominik’s confession and how he says that he doesn’t want to force her to love him back and asking to let him continue to love her (aww)
  • Dominik springing the fake relationship on the MC to “protect” her from Cedric
  • The MC pinning Dominik to the bed when he tries to run away from his urges
  • Overall this route has some interesting twists from the other routes

Worst moments: 

  • Rupert, Alfred, and Raymond are all complete dicks in the beginning and their attitudes are genuinely alarming. Alfred and Rupert (to an extent) make a recovery when they are developed a little later but Raymond remains a prick until the bitter end (punch him Dominik). The whole thing is not helped by the fact that a subplot of the route is that vampires think that they are better than everyone else

Worth the price of admission?: Dominik is adorable, and is one of the few genuinely nice guys of Blood in Roses. He is defined by two traits, 1) his love for the MC, and 2) his hatred for vampires. Dominik’s a guy who’s very open about what he’s thinking so there’s no “still water runs deep” here. In fact, Dominik’s character could have lead his route to be very one note, but the route is saved by its difference from the other routes. Dominik’s route has a lot more subterfuge and it is very much like a game of hide-and-seek. The best part is the the MC and Dominik are on the same side so it’s them against the vampires. It’s a good route, and Dominik is a very pleasant love interest. I would definitely recommend it after playing a couple of the other routes for context

Recommended routes: 


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