Plot Summary: The MC has trouble choosing who will watch over her, but this is resolved when it comes out that the ninja she witnessed was Hotaka and it is decided that she will be left in his care. Hotaka is a well known kabuki actor and he freely lavishes affection upon the MC as she begins to work at Iesaya. His energy comforts the MC as she await her change for revenge, but the MC never suspects that there might be deeper feels behind Hotaka’s attention even as she begins to wonder if she is falling for him herself

What I think of him: Hotaka is flamboyant and energetic. His cheerful exuberance makes him the life of the party and his personable nature helps him be the center of attention. Hotaka’s enthusiasm can get out of hand at times, and it is usually up to Sion to rein him in (think about that for a second; Sion having to be the one to rein someone in). Hotaka is a pretty man, and this coupled with his tendency to wear a woman’s kimono and his love for pretty and cute things causes the MC to occasionally have to remember that, yeah, Hotaka is actually a strong guy. Hotaka is well known for playing both male and female roles on stage to perfection. Hotaka lives at Iesaya and practically grew up as a sibling to Sion. Similar to Sion, Hotaka may act like a flirt without a care in the world, but he has a core of surprising seriously

Nickname: None

Charm point: He can’t get over how cute the MC is

Quote: “My feelings for you are grown so strong I find them hard to resist. I love you so much it hurt.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get glomped, this is Hotaka after all

Would have eloped with: 

  • Sion, because he’s such a great support for both Hotaka and the MC, and he even managed to get a confession out even if he did play it off

Favorite moments: 

  • How seriously Hotaka takes his acting. The first rehersal that the MC saw was great
  • Hotaka and Ichika fighting over the MC and Sion having to distract them
  • Hotaka throwing a fit in the rafters when the MC is playing the role of a prostitute for a mission
  • Hotaka and Sion fighting over who gets to fuss over the MC after she and Hotaka begin dating
  • They went full out on the Sweet Ending

Worst moments: 

  • In the beginning, Hotaka says that he got the male lead in the play he is practicing, and this was sort of an eyeopening experience for the MC since she began to see how serious and manly Hotaka could be when she watched his practice. However, later when the MC watches the rehearsal again towards the end of the route, he playing a woman, and it feels like it’s just so they can use the sprite with Hotaka all dressed up as a woman
  • The avoiding each other bit is a staple of otoge, but so aggrivating because it seemed especially unneccessary in this route. And why did Hotaka continue to avoid the MC for a couple of days after he and Sion had their little chat
  • The text refers to Hotaka’s weapon as hairpins, but he is clearly holding two swords

Worth the price of admission?: Hotaka’s route is pretty lively and sunny. It feels like a pretty light route, probably because they expect that you’ve read the other routes so there isn’t really any new information to introduce. It’s also a “light” route in that it doesn’t linger on dark emotions, likely because the pool of boys needed a little bit of cheer injected into them. Hotaka doesn’t have a traumatic backstory or personality trait like almost all the other guys in this game; there was a moment where some darkness was surfacing but he pushed it back super fast. The plot also hops around quite a bit. There closest thing to a problem (besides the Tori thing) is that the MC doesn’t think that Hotaka is showing genuine affection just for her and Hotaka thinks the MC hates him, but this lasts for only a couple of chapters so while it’s the closest thing to being the main conflict, it doesn’t quite hit the mark. Still the route is great for some light reading and it features a guy who genuinely and very obviously adores the MC which is always a pallate cleanser with all the tsunderes and verbally abusive dudes around. Hotaka’s a good place to go when you’ve finished a couple of other routes in Ninja Assassin


Recommended routes: 


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