Plot Summary: When the MC goes out to investigate the Queen’s murder she finds the White Rabbit to be attentive and the Cheshire Cat to be welcoming. It is only the Hatter who seems to hate her for no reason. What’s worse, everyone seems to find it only natural that he hate her. But despite the warning from everyone else, and her own inclination to stay away from someone who so clearly despises her, the MC can’t help but continue to visit the Hatter in hopes of discovering the reason for his hatred and also the reason for his occasional lapses of kindness

What I think of him: The Hatter is a guy who is in control and it sort of Wonderland’s ultimate bad boy. He seems to do as he pleases and lives freely, but that is largely deception because although he has never minded his role, he is perhaps most trapped in it. The MC finds the Hatter to be too blunt in his speech and frequently scolds him about the necessity of pretending to be pleasant; the Cheshire Cat remarks that the Hatter seems to be showing the MC a different side of himself because he knows the Hatter as being more restrained than the MC describes him

Nickname: Hatty

Charm point: You can, and have, changed him

Quote: “When I’m with you, I think I kind of love this world.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get in a verbal argument, which would probably end in getting pushed down

Would have eloped with: 

Favorite moments: 

  • How the MC isn’t afriad to speak her mind to the Hatter and even going so far as to insist that she hates him
  • The MC smacking the Hatter at the tea party
  • Bill deciding that he can’t wait for the MC to get dressed and carrying her out in her nightdress
  • “I choose the world over you. It’s that kind of fool man that I am.” It was just a good line at a good moment

Worst moments: 

  • Bill attacking the MC. 1) It came out of no where. 2) Once it is over it is never brought up again and the MC doesn’t even think about it when she wakes up with Bill right there next to her bed
  • Who ended up being the culprit in this route totally felt like a cop out

Worth the price of admission?: This route was a prime example of telling instead of showing. The primary offense is Bill saying that the MC caused the Hatter to change. I saw no indication of this what so ever, except maybe that the Hatter was meaner to the MC than anyone else but that would actually be something that Bill should approve of. The second off putting thing about this route is the MC and the Hatter’s relationship; they keep saying that they hate each other and yet they keep seeking each other out. The Hatter has a bit of an excuse because he is supposed to hate the MC and that isn’t really a reflection on his personal feelings, but the MC doesn’t know that, she’s the one who decided to hate the Hatter, but she’s also the one who does most of the seeking out. It’s a little frustrating because I didn’t really see why their feelings changed. Bill and the MC mention the kindness the Hatter shows to the MC, but besides stopping Bill from killing her, the first moment of tenderness I saw between them was when the Hatter was saying that it was going to be the last time that he would be nice to her. I just felt that there were crucial scenes missing and that ruined my experience of the route


Recommended routes: 


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