Alice: Love & Murder


Company: Koyonplete

Cost: Free-to-Play, $7.99 for whole game, or $3.00 for individual routes

Synopsis: The MC is living a regular, boring life, but one day her wrist is suddenly captured by a handcuff which leads to a mysterious door. Through the door she finds a world like and very unlike her own. She meets a mysterious young girl who tells her that someone has been killed and that the MC must find out who the perpetrator was. The MC makes her way to the Castle of Hearts and from the butlers learns that the Queen of Hearts was the murder victim and that there are three suspects: the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, and the Hatter.

My walkthrough to get the True End for each route can be found HERE

MC: The MC is a high school girl who is rather detached from the world to the point that she feels like she is constantly suffocating. She hasn’t suffered in any particular way, she just isn’t really interested in the world and doesn’t really want to be interested. She actually feels like it wouldn’t be too bad to just die, she just doesn’t want to go through the dying part. The MC’s disinterest is probably the most noteworthy thing about her, but beyond that she has the usual traits of being kind, and having a strong moral compass, etc. She isn’t as oblivious as other MCs and she does desire to form opinions based off her own observances, both of which are good traits, but she doesn’t really get to show them off enough since the routes mostly revolve around other reacting to the MC’s inquiries and although she’s important to the plot she is more of a background object than an actor most of the time


  • Cheshire Cat: The King of Diamonds who is also a criminal. Always cheerful and energetic, he is actually very lonely and is frequently ignored
  • Hatter: The King of Clubs who was the rival and enemy of the Queen. He’s a blunt man who does as he pleases, but in truth he is not as free as he seems
  • White Rabbit: The King of Spades who is considered to be a traitor. Quiet and gentle, he has a hidden darkness that everyone but the MC seems to be aware of

Impressions: After Alice: Love & Labyrinth came out, Koyonplete announced that there would be more Alice games. I was excited because Love & Labyrinth wasn’t terrible, I enjoyed the character designs, and I was hoping to romance the assistants of the Kings from that game. Love & Murder is not the game I was hoping fore.  It takes place in a similar Wonderland as the first game, but Alice is the only returning character, despite all the names/roles/etc being the same for the Kings and their assistants. The CGs are still lovely, but the character designs too a turn for the worse: the Cheshire Cat is garish (although that seems intentional on his part), the White Rabbit looks like he has half-stuffed socks instead of rabbit ears, and the Hatter looks like a wannabe punk. The only character design that I liked more than the first game is the MC who I thought was cute, although her blue coloring is unfortunate in the endings in which she becomes the Queen since the blue ends up clashing a little with the red.

As I said before, the plot of this is mostly a rehashing of the first game, although this time the MC has the motive of trying to figure out who killed the Queen of Hearts so she can go home. This would have been interesting if the investigation didn’t get sidelined so quickly in favor of the nothing that was going on instead. The MC also has a handcuff and chain attached to one of her wrists which gets mentioned once in a while and is only relevant in two out of the three happy endings. The guys are basically the same as their namesakes in the first game with a couple of differences, none of which are name/position/role or even the perception of them by regular folks (for example the Cheshire Cat is thought of as a criminal in both games). And of course since the first game was heavily inspired by the Kuni no Alice/Wonderful Wonder World series/games, this game is sort of an inbred (grand)child of that.

In the end I would probably say that if you really want to play this game, play the White Rabbit’s route for free and don’t even bother with the other two routes (sorry Cheshire Cat and Hatter). There are just better games to spend your time with

Favorite Guy: White Rabbit

Favorite Route: White Rabbit

If You Like This Game Try: 


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