White Rabbit

white rabbit.png

Plot Summary: When the MC goes off to meet the three primary suspects, she is put off by the Cheshire Cat’s clinginess and alarmed by the Hatter’s refusal to answer questions. It is only with the gentle courtesy of the White Rabbit that she is able to be comfortable. The MC decides that there is no way that the White Rabbit is the culprit behind the Queen’s murder, but she discovers that it is she alone who holds the White Rabbit in high regard. In fact, everyone else seems to regard him as a highly dangerous traitor and too disgusting to keep mention

What I think of him: The White Rabbit is a quietly devoted man who has determined that his existence is give purpose by fulfilling his role. He was previously the servant of the Queen and was also her enforcer and has executed many a person by her order. He was faithful to the Queen and cherished her, but after her death he leave Heart Castle and became the King of Spades, leading him to be known as a traitor, even by his younger brothers who still work in Heart Castle. The impression he first leaves is very “white”: gentle, quiet, and almost pure. However, the Cheshire Cat says that “deep inside he’s red, or black”; and as befitting his former position, the White Rabbit can be stirred to cruelty and acts of violence

Nickname: The Queen’s Dagger

Charm point: He beautiful, tearful forlorn gaze (or conversely his I’m-going-to-kill-someone face)

Quote: “In this world, you are the most important thing to me now. Even more important than myself…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Have tea together, overlooking the roses

Would have eloped with: NO ONE! Keep those other creeps away from me in this route

Favorite moments: 

  • After the Cheshire Cat and Hatter tell the MC about who the White Rabbit is the MC still sticks to her guns and decides that she will decide who she thinks he is from her own interactions with him
  • The White Rabbit’s angry sprite. He just looks so ticked off
  • The MC expressing her feelings about how she isn’t afraid of the White Rabbit himself but of the way that he disregards his own life (pretty standard for an otoge, but a nice scene in this route nonetheless)
  • How at the end when the MC transforms everyone just gives up and lets her be the boss immediately
  • The MC is pretty perceptive of her own feelings and the feelings and motives of others in this route. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual oblivious MC

Worst moments: 

  • At the tea party when the Cheshire Cat puts a knife to the MC’s throat and he and the Hatter act like it’s nothing  or that they are just teasing the MC and/or the White Rabbit, and they say that if the MC’s throat gets cut it’s her fault for moving. The White Rabbit is understandably pissed, but the MC doesn’t really react at all which is super odd in and of itself
  • The Cheshire Cat gives off really disturbing vibes in this route. It’s not too much of a shame since his route was nothing special, but if I hadn’t played it already I would be very disinclined to do so
  • I don’t even know how the MC solved the mystery since we only really hear about her investigations and only see it on one occasion

Worth the price of admission?: This route was pretty decent for this game. It’s nothing to oh and ah over, or even worth purchasing, but it has some nice moments and if you like the selfless, destructive, hidden darkness types, this would be a good one to play for free, it may even be an improvement on the White Rabbit route in Alice: Love & Labyrinth.

One thing I really wished was that this route took that final step and went full yandere with the White Rabbit. I mean, he’s right there and he might full well be over the line, but I would have liked to see it or have had some solid confirmation for it


Recommended routes: 


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