Plot Summary: The MC chooses Ukyo as her instructor, and -despite how handsy he is with her- she doesn’t regret it because Ukyo is a very diligent instructor and is intent on taking her under his wing. It is through Ukyo that the MC learns not only about the bustling city of Nagasaki, but of the seedy underbelly lurking just beneath the lively crowds. Ukyo seems to consider everyone as part of his family but it doesn’t take long for the MC to realize that she wants to be someone special to Ukyo. But how can she even hope to achieve this when she has to keep her true self secret from the one she wants to be closest to?

What I think of him: Ukyo is lively and a big talker. He is confident and never fails to stride right through town attracting all the attention. He can talk to almost everyone and considers most people a part of his family. He grew up with Eduard and Natsume (Ninja Assassin), but doesn’t seem to be closer to them than he is to anyone else since he treats everyone equally and thus no one specially. He’s got a big heart and always wants to do what he can for others or offer some well-meaning physical contact. He is fully capable of scheming, but he tends to come off as a bit of a fool. He’s the sort of guy who doesn’t take no for an answer and lets insults sail right over his head

Nickname: None

Charm point: He thinks his girl is the cutest in the world

Quote: “You are not only my dear partner, but the love of my life as well.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: 

Would have eloped with: 

  • Yuzuki, because the poor guy had a rough time of it but took things so graciously

Favorite moments: 

  • The involvement and appearance of all the Edo vigilantes, especially Natsume
  • Ukyo showing off the MC and bragging about her and also getting his job done at the same time
  • In the ending when everyone is disparaging of having Ukyo as Nagasaki’s commissioner
  • Likewise, all the looks of pity the MC gets for having to deal with Ukyo (from their inner circle and Ritsu)

Worst moments: 

  • The MC being bereted for saving Haru when she was dragged away and nearly assaulted. Sure, they can’t let anyone know that they’re ninja but a girl was nearly raped and how can you call yourselves defenders of justice if you see it and just let it happen? Everyone lets the MC off pretty easy, but the issue should have been, next time don’t get seen or throw your scarf over your face so you don’t get recognized, not don’t do stupid things and jeopardize us all
  • Everyone is my family and no one is special… ugh
  • How easily Ukyo’s attempts for justice as a commissioner are thwarted. Basically all anyone says is “you have no proof” and Ukyo the commissioner is stopped in his tracks
  • Ukyo doesn’t really listen to the MC. If she says that she’s busy working he drags her off anyways and that is both obnoxious and rude

Worth the price of admission?: When Ninja Shadow was released I pegged Ukyo as the one I wouldn’t like out of the initial three and for once my initial prediction was right. It might be a combination of the facts that he isn’t my type and the fact that they tried a little too hard to throw everything into Ukyo’s route (it was a good introduction to all of the characters and they also brought in all of the dateable Ninja Assassin character (less Willem). Ukyo is a little too main character-ish as well, being super good natured and popular with his “flaw” being that he likes everyone and doesn’t see anyone as special to him; which I don’t think can even be a thing if you aren’t a distant person. Additionally, this trait is just super annoying since the route keeps harping on it. I might have actually enjoyed the route itself if the MC and Ukyo had just stayed partners and didn’t progress to the dating stage since that was where Ukyo began grating on my nerves, especially since he seemed to become more and more of a braggart. However, my annoyance aside, this route was worth playing just to see the two vigilante groups interacting. I thought having Ukyo, Eduard, and Natsume as childhood friends was going to be great and it definitely was spot on


Recommended routes: 


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