Cheshire Cat

cheshire cat

Plot Summary: The MC quickly goes off to investigate the three suspects and is shortly tossed of both the Hatter and White Rabbit residences. The Cheshire Cat, on the other hand, gives her a warm greeting, but no matter how she tries to question him about the Queen’s murder, he keeps sidetracking the conversation. Puzzled and somewhat frustrated, the MC tries to learn more about the Cheshire Cat only to be met with silence from the townspeople. And to top everything off, the Cheshire Cat seems to be popping up everywhere she goes

What I think of him: The Cheshire Cat is a lonely and clingy man. He is cheerful and is quick to laugh, but no one ever visits him and the townspeople make no effort to know about him. He is a very emphatic towards others, and he tends to put what everyone wants before his own needs. He is very attached to the concept of having a home and feeling like he does/doesn’t belongs somewhere. He used to be a self-serving man, but after the Queen imprisoned him for abusing his duty, he seems to have changed (not that anyone has noticed). He is suspected of killing the Queen because her death allowed him to escape execution

Nickname: Cheshire

Charm point: He’s always to happy to see you

Quote: “Since I met you, I started to want to live.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Go somewhere, to a place where both of you feel like you belong

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • The MC smacking the Hatter
  • Going to the Cheshire Cat’s secret place
  • The MC’s forcefullness in the True Ending
  • Gorgeous CG

Worst moments:

  • Most of the time I felt like nothing was really going on or that I was just not understanding what was going on
  • Cheshire Cat getting jealous when the MC tells him that the Hatter snuck into the her room one night (and stuck a gun to her head)
  • Cheshire Cat saying that he hated the MC at first sight (what even? At a different point he said he did everything to get to meet her)

Worth the price of admission?: For sure this route had some pretty CG, much better than the sprite art actually, and certainly the Cheshire Cat’s clinginess was pretty cute; however, I felt like my time was wasted. I didn’t follow what was happening very well and that was do in part because it was confusing, and in part because it was all so much in the MC’s head and very little actually happened. The MC gets derailed from her mission of solving the murder pretty quickly and switches over to trying to figure out the Cheshire Cat, which is fine, but when she does she begins to be so apologetic towards him and I don’t think she needed to be. In the end they quickly mop up the murderer bit and I think the reasoning behind it is both confusing but also somewhat intriguing (at least a certain part of it is), but after that is out of the way I did enjoy the rest of the True Ending and this was probably the best part of the route. All-in-all, I probably wouldn’t waste my time or money on this route (sorry Cheshire!)


Recommended routes: 


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