Kogoro Katsura


Plot Summary: The MC keeps on encountering Katsura, and despite the fact that Katsura warns her that she should stay away from him, she can’t seem to leave him alone. Things become even more complicated when the MC learns that Katsura is being pursued by the Shinsengumi and Kyo has just joined them for reasons of his own

What I think of him: Katsura has a very mature and distant air about him. He’s knows that he is being hunted and doesn’t really want to get involved with anyone further less he bring about danger, but he cherishes the connections he has. He views himself as a coward and even while this disgusts him, he also has the self awareness to know that he will abandon people to save his own skin. He kind of gives off the vibe that he’s a playboy, but he’s isn’t at all

Nickname: None

Charm point: He has a puppy

Quote: “I’ve been running from people for so long and I’ve never felt ashamed of my lifestyle. Not now, not ever. But- I have no intentions of running from you any longer.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Quietly spend time together or read letters that the other left

Would have eloped with:

  • Kyo, because he’s trying to watch out for you even if he is meddling
  • Okubo, so oblivious yet so aware

Favorite moments:

  • Playing with Katsura’s puppy
  • The MC’s determination to reunite with Katsura after returning to her own time
  • Katsura saying that he’s going to wear the MC out so she won’t even think of leaving him

Worst moments:

  • I could see the twist for their date to the hotsprings coming and it kept a bitter pit in my somache for what should have been a good start
  • I wish the MC’s foresight about the attack on Katsura had actually been helpful somehow instead of being a hindrance for him

Worth the price of admission?: Although I like Katsura as a character his route did very little for me. It started with a bit of the MC misinterpreting something which could have been easily resolved (although I think the subtext is that Katsura was intentionally allowing the misunderstanding in order to keep his distance with the MC) and then the route progresses into Katsura making decisions that he thinks are in the MC’s best interests. The MC pushes back a little and she ultimately gets her way, but she could have done a lot more a lot sooner, especially considering Katsura’ hesitant nature. Again, I like Katsura, but I wouldn’t have objected if the MC had given his a good smack and told him that she could make her own decisions; but this is something that I would have liked to see from lots of different MCs. The trouble with this route is that it was pretty bland and I would have liked to have seen almost anything to have shaken things up. Oh Katsura, I wanted so much more…


Recommended routes:


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