Plot Summary: The MC chooses Eduard as her mentor since she figures that he is a little too odd to be able to figure out her secret. However Eduard seems insistent on treating the MC like a girl and it doesn’t help at all that her first assignment has her dressing like one in order to catch a man kidnapping and selling girls into prostitution

What I think of him: Eduard is a quiet man who only really speaks when he has something to say. He’s a mysterious and quirky figure, and he definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. Eduard has a mind of his own and tends to do whatever he wants, but generally fails to communicate his intentions making him mysterious to those who are very close to him. Eduard grew up with Ukyo and Ukyo sometimes acts as a big brother and intermediary for Eduard. Even though Eduard seems like a space cadet, he is actually pretty perceptive and is dependable when things get down to the wire

Nickname: Ed

Charm point: Love at first sight

Quote: “I couldn’t get you out of my head ever since the moment I laid eyes on you. I guess you could call it, ‘love at first sight’.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get doted on, because Eduard loves doing so

Would have eloped with:

  • Asagi, because I adore the mental image of his glaring threateningly down at Willem from the rafters when Eduard went to rescue the MC

Favorite moments:

  • The way Eduard continually flusters the MC by treating her as a girl, and how she keeps snapping back that she’s a guy. Also how she eventually just gets used to Eduard’s actions and stops protesting
  • Eduard trying to cheer the MC up when a certain assassination gets nixed
  • How Eduard becomes all clingy once he and the MC are reunited
  • Eduard just doing what he want much to Makoto’s disapproval

Worst moments:

  • I felt a little ripped off when Eduard says that he knew the MC’s secret the whole time and just thought that she would share when she was ready. I would have been more touched if he would have said that he just didn’t care and would have fallen at first sight no matter who the MC was
  • The major conflict leading to the climax wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t up to part with how great the rest of the route was

Worth the price of admission?: This is a great route. Eduard and the MC’s chemistry is pretty spot on and is super entertaining. Since their exchanges have a certain patter, you can really see how their relationship is progressing just through their everyday conversations. Eduard is endearing, but he becomes more aggressive once he and the MC confess to each other, and there are some great heart pounding moments. The shining part of this route is the character interaction. The plot is fine, if a little predictable once you get the hint about where everything’s going. The plot is not bad at all, but again it is definitely not the highlight of the route

Recommended routes:


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