Plot Summary: When the MC arrives at Gendolune Academy she meets a strange boy, Leon, who seems to have lost all of his memories. Just as the MC has been accepted as a probationary student to the school, Leon is invited to stay since no one can figure out how he got through the barrier around the school. The MC just can’t seem to leave Leon alone, even though several people warn her about him. But when bad things begin happening and the magic beings to drain from the land, the MC must face the reality that Leon might have something to do with it all

What I think of him: Leon has no emotions and no memory beyond his name. He doesn’t really have an inquisitive nature but he always questions everything anyway since everything is a new experience for him. He is always doing things that others find odd, but when it comes to magic he is super over powered. He has a very blunt way of speaking and he tends not to react to things happening around him unless he is prompted

Nickname: Nothing

Charm point: He depends on the MC

Quote: “The heart you gave me is my greatest treasure. I’m sure the memories we make will build upon it with countless emotions. It might be painful at times too. But I will never lose the light in my life– for that light is you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Have a picnic in the forest

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • The picnic
  • How everyone is so surprised when Leon begins “acting more human”
  • Leon clinging to the MC after they leave the fairy realm
  • Eress’s bonus gift

Worst moments:

  • The MC had no right getting upset at Leon. She knew that he didn’t remember anything so she has no right to be surprised when she doesn’t know anything about him, because he doesn’t know anything about himself
  • The end segment of the Happy Ending upset me so much it didn’t feel happy at all. It was pretty tragic in fact
  • Vincent makes good points but he is also being a dick about it

Worth the price of admission?: This route is really great in some ways and pretty unsatisfying in others. Leon is the great part: he’s pretty to look at, his development is wonderful, and once he has more emotions he says some really sweet things. The plot once it started going was good, especially considering how much Leon was involved with it. The rest of it wasn’t really up to par considering the quality of the other routes in this game. Vincent was the other love interest with the most screen time but he came off as a jerk instead of being appealing since he showed very little of his sympathetic side. The MC had some good moments but she started becoming angry (at Leon and then Vincent) and and her anger felt both unjustified and false. The very end of the Happy Ending ticked me off to no end and I don’t think I have ever been so dissatisfied with a best ending ever. It does answer questions that I sometimes have in other routes when there is a species difference (like Voltage’s Enchanted in the Moonlight), but for me knowing what awaits is enough; I don’t want to see it and I especially don’t want my last CG wasted on it

Recommended routes:


20 thoughts on “Leon

  1. Sounds like a good route. I just started the game a few days ago and chose Yukiya first, but I was pretty torn wanting to choose Leon too, he’s so pretty +_+
    You’ve convinced me to give him a try too 👌


    • He’s a good route, especially if you like guys mysterious type as he’s pretty much just an oddball emotionless type in the beginning and his character development is spot-on. I did really hate the last part of his happy ending though, just as a heads up..


      • Agh, so his good/happy ending wasn’t satisfying? ;_;
        He looks so pretty (。♥‿♥。) /touches
        I love character development! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


      • It was until the very last part. It just brought up something that I considered on my own, but didn’t really want confirmation of and then they took it too far and gave it the CG.


      • Sorry to ruin your hype
        Someone who I would recommend for character development is Towa Wakasa from Sweet Fuse (which is a PSP game), or Ayu from Destiny Ninja 2 who has a similar vibe (although his best ending also has a little bit of sadness). If we’re talking Wizardess Heart, I favor the middle trio: Klaus, Randy, and Azusa (although Azusa comes with an abuse warning).
        Thanks for taking the time to chat and happy playing!


      • Nah, you didn’t ruin it, it’s fine. Like this I won’t have too much expectations and will like it more (#^.^#)
        I’ve played Sweet Fuse, and it’s such a good game, the character development is ❤
        Funnily enough I got intrigued by Ayu and Shiroya, went with Shiroya because he's the shota and cute, but I'm planning to do Ayu after him so I'm glad to know he's a good route! O(≧∇≦)O
        Is Azusa as bad as Ray from Magic Sword, who kept on being an A-hole and even called the MC a slut? Because I am not up to those (・∀・)
        I had fun chatting with you ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
        You to, game on! 🔥💪🔥


      • I went after Shiroya first in that game since he was one of the first three. Wonderful route and Shiroya is always a bright spot as a side character in the other routes as well (he is well known for promoting his own route during the chapter previews in other routes lol).
        I don’t recall Azusa ever calling the MC a slut, but he is verbally abusive, blackmails the MC (in a very Arithmetic style) and let’s just say that you can actually get him to kill the MC at a couple of points.


      • Oooh nice! I’m really happy that I picked a good route for my first time ❤
        Shiroya is super moe, and blushy (which I adore) plus him naked was A++ 👌
        Who else would you recc to play (in can be any game)? I wanna play good routes with blushy (naked) dudes (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        Whaaaaat (・∀・)😱 (」゚ロ゚)」 ← at Azusa
        I'm not sure I'll do Azusa then, jfc that sounds pretty terrible \(;´□`)/


      • Blushy (naked 😉 )guys…
        First ones who come to mind are Hikobane from Shall We Date: Mononoke Kiss + and Yukimura Sanada from Samurai Love Ballad PARTY.


      • Indeed 👌
        Ooh, I’ll have to look Mononoke Kiss then. I dropped SLBP because the MC was really mean to Inuchiyo, and it also didn’t have sound, so I didn’t feel very invested in it. Without BGM, I just don’t feel like continuing them :’D
        It’s why the ones I’m playing, Oz+, Wizardess+, Nieflheim, Destiny Ninja 2+, all have sound and are pretty forgiving in drawers/ingame currency~


      • Mononoke Kiss is a little older so it might not have sound. Sound just isn’t a thing that most of the older Solmare games had.
        I feel you as far as SLBP goes (I play SLBP right after I wake up and on mute since I can’t take any noise that early). Inuchiyo is my favorite of the game so far but not only do I feel bad for him in the other routes since he still obviously has a crush on the MC, but his own route is terrible and made me so sad. Things not on your list that I would suggest checking out and are FTP are the Cybird apps: Destined to Love and Midnight Cinderella. These are both polished games and have lots of guys to choose from in both.


      • It’s hard to tell which are older Solmare games, the art is always pretty stellar ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
        On the free event that is happening I chose Saizo, since Inuchiyo wasn’t available, and she was such a bitch for him jfc. She knew he was in love with her, and instead of being sympathetic, she used it as ammunition to hit with aaargh
        I was doing his route too, so it felt like a huge slap in the face. He did not deserve it.
        Oh, I don’t believe I’ve played any games besides Solmare yet, I’ll definitely look those up then! (´∀`)
        Ty a lot for the reccs~ ( ˘ ³˘)❤


      • SLBP is a Voltage game, but they mostly do pay to play games. The other big FTP company is Arithmetic but their games tend to be extreme… and rapey.
        You’re welcome!


      • Arithmetic games don’t sound all that great/good (・∀・)
        Yeah, I’ve heard about Voltage a lot but weirdly never been much interested in their games dunno why (^_^;)
        ( ˘ ³˘)❤


      • Arithmetic has their place (sensationalism). If you really like Solmare games you probably wouldn’t like most Voltage games since Solmare is very fantastical and the art is very stylized (and stylish) while Voltage is more slice-of-life-ish and the art is more toned down.


      • I know Voltage has some nice stories, but I go where it’s free but nice xD
        Solmare art depends on which game, there’s some I really love, but others I’m pretty meh about 😅
        I think there’s indeed enough market for everyone, and everyone’s taste~


      • I think otome games are finally hitting a stage where there are enough titles that you can actually pick and choose what you want to play rather than playing anything that comes along just because there are so few titles available.


      • That is true, which means it’s gone from nonexistent to at least niche, and will grow farther than that as more is brought and more gamers discover them (´∀`)
        Which also means there’ll be more happy players if they cater to more tastes, with more genres and etc, plus gamers that will stay with the genre since they liked it. First impressions is super important, so I’m glad to see it grow~ (^v^)


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