Byron Wagner


Plot Summary: Nico catches the MC sneaking out and helps her to meet her student one last time. However, when the MC tries to find Nico to return to the palace, she is accosted by some ruffians. Fortunately, she is saved by a mysterious man. At a ball she is surprised to learn that her rescuer is actually King Byron, the ruler of the neighboring kingdom, Stein. The MC ends up showing Byron around during his visit and upon his departure he makes a startling announcement. He would like the MC to consider marrying him and joining their countries

What I think of him: Byron keeps a cool face and is pretty hard to read until you get to know him, but those who do know him are extremely loyal to him. He is always careful and considerate when approaching an issue. He’s a man who is always putting the well being of his country first, although he is not the type to intentionally put himself last. Byron is a young king and he is probably more conscious of his father’s legacy than anyone else. Byron is a skilled swordsman, but is inclined towards mercy, He is a man of integrity who does his utmost to keep his promises

Nickname: None

Charm point: His intensive, unreadable gaze

Quote: “I keep my promises. You are the only bride for me.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Make a promise, to be fulfilled before the mark disappears

Would have eloped with: 

  • Nico, because he’s adorable
  • Albert, because he’s so stoic and reliable
  • Robert, because he was mostly helpful

Favorite moments: 

  • Having the MC and Byron in conneting rooms was a great idea
  • The promise
  • Seeing underneath Byron’s eye patch
  • Byron’s plan to halt any other marriage plots by making it clear that he’s “besotted” with the MC
  • The MC tries very hard to take her position as princess seriously (most of the time) and I appreciate her attempts and even when I was whining over her decisions (one in particular) I knew that she had done the right thing considering her position

Worst moments: 

  • The whole “declare war” bit was too hyped for as little a line as it ended up being
  • The continual return to the wolf picture book was distracting and rarely added anything. I also found it puzzling when the MC used it as an excuse to kiss Byron
  • What was Robert trying to do by only telling the MC about the assassination plot. And what was the MC even hoping to accomplish after that

Worth the price of admission?: Byron is sort of captivating. I really enjoyed him and remember enjoying his route while playing it, but as I reflect on his route, I can’t actually remember many good moments. It is strange that my impression was so meh even though I thought the characters made good showings for themselves and that the plot involving Stein was pretty good (though the conclusion was lackluster). Maybe what I’m responding to is feeling a lack of chemistry between the MC and Byron. Their romance isn’t very passionate (besides the bedroom scenes) and I felt more like it was only a couple of steps above an arranged marriage than true love (especially since the MC is trying to almost spin her part off as something close to love at first sight)


Recommended routes: 


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