Plot Summary: When the MC is overwhelmed by being asked to choose someone to partner with, Wakasa enters the room and volunteers to take care of her since he is the one she witness mid assassination earlier. Wakasa gentleness comforts the MC, and she begins to fall for him. But there is something dark lurking behind his eyes, and when Wakasa misinterprets a scene between the MC and Soji, the MC worries if her feelings will ever get through to her beloved doctor even as guns begin to pop up all around the South Ward

What I think of him: Wakasa is a skilled doctor who carefully looks after his patients. He has a gentle, sometimes rueful demeanor. Despite the fact that he is closer in age to Kinshiro than the other guys, he is still somewhat innocent about relationships, and he can easily turn bashful. His closest relationship is to Kinshiro, who he has been friends with for a long time. Kinshiro recruited Wakasa into the vigilantes and also got him his inital apprenticship under a doctor. Kinshiro is always trying to watch out for Wakasa while trying to curb his unfortunate impulse. Wakasa has never been in a serious relationship, and whenever he feels himself getting in too deep he immediately backpedals since he feels unworthy. He has devoted himself to both the practice and study of medicine. He is very knowledgeable, even being able to speak a little Dutch because he reads foreign medical texts. His practice of western medical techniques has caused him to be the best doctor in Edo. He is fascinated by drugs and likes to break them down and figure them out. He has a strong urge to kill that belies his gentle demeanor. His blood lust is so strong that it causes him to be careless during missions and makes him uncontrollable and unpredictable to Kinshiro

Nickname: Doctor, Waka

Charm point: His bashfulness

Quote: “I always wanted to make you mine… I love you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Walk through town, holding hands

Would have eloped with: 

  • Kinshiro, because he worries so much about Wakasa

Favorite moments: 

  • All of Wakasa’s patients shipping him and the MC
  • Wakasa and the MC deciding that they are in a relationship and Kinshiro and Sion watching
  • Wakasa getting excited about the drugs, poisons, and medicines at the apothecary
  • How the vigilantes refuse the MC’s payment and tell her how she has paid them just by being with them
  • Wakasa getting all shy with the MC because he’s never been in a serious relationship before

Worst moments: 

  • How they MC has to run to Kinshiro to act as an intermediary when she’s having Wakasa problems
  • In the beginning the MC says that Wakasa can’t possibly be as wild as the other say he is, but even after watching Wakasa brutally kill someone in front of her which causes her to have a flashback to when her parents were murdered, she never has to reconcile the gentle image she has of him to his joy at killing; she just decides that this part of him is fascinating

Worth the price of admission?: Wakasa is… interesting. He’s very sweet and gentle, but he is also one of the rare characters who actually enjoys killing, not fighting, just killing. I find it sort of intriguing that Wakasa isn’t a yandere (ignoring the yandere substory which makes all of the guys into yandere) because he really seems the type who would be, but he didn’t exhibit that tendency when he though Soji was the MC’s lover (which you could argue is because he hadn’t acknowledged his own feelings at that point) and he doesn’t really react to Ichika’s obvious crush beyond acknowledging it. And the MC is just as interesting. She admits that she was probably not as disturbed by her parents’ deaths as others would be in a similar situation, and she finds it enthralling to watch Wakasa fight and kill. The beginning of the route is nothing special, and I don’t really care for the route up until halfway when Wakasa and the MC become a couple. After this point I did enjoy the rest of the route, and I think the latter half makes up for the lackluster first half


Recommended routes: 


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